rock island 1911 custom parts. Dealer Locator; LE Sales; Media; Pistol Parts RRA 1911. Rock Island ULTRA, 9MM, 4 1/4". Read more; Rock Island Armory 1911 45 ACP Complete Top End Upper – Slide. Here are some of the parts that are commonly available for sale: Rock Island 1911 tactical upgrades ranging from individual parts to complete tactical kits with barrels, a Rock Island 1911 slide, and accessories can be found. If you desire a more reliable, better functioning, or more. "The Clark Meltdown™ package is the definition of a smooth, user friendly carry gun…So nice to touch!". The Rock Island 1911 isn't a replica. These Rock Island 1911 pistols have a great reputation for being well built and having rock solid reliability. The Rock Island GI Series are high-quality, well-made, and affordable. 97 In stock Add to cart 10RD ACT-MAG 9mm Sig Sauer P320 Full Size Magazine - Blued. Other brands include Browning, Rock Island Armory, Colt, Remington, ATI and Ruger. The fiber-optic front sight was easy to acquire. But remember that this is a Clone of a Colt 1911. Rock Island Armory 1911 Rock Ultra 45 ACP 4. One of the best deals is their 1911 Classic, offered in. Rock Island 10mm Upgrade Caspian Slide + C-More RTS2 optic. Model: 1911 A1 full size 10 mm. 460 Rowland® Conversion Assembly for. Comes with a 10 round magazine and a hard case. Save big on a new rock island 1911 45. Nighthawk Custom 1911 Grips w/Railscales Agent 2 $129. Rock Island 1911 - Is It Good? Out of all the different variations, Rock Island 1911 is the closest you will get to the timeless M1911. Gunsmith certified top quality pistol parts for all makes and models of 1911 pistols. Navy Shipped Colt Model 1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Factory Letter, Display Case, Fighting Knife and AccessoriesThe included factory letter states this 1911 pistol was shipped to the Naval Supply Depot in Sewalls Point, Virginia on November 16th, 1939 in a 520 gun shipment. Browning 1911 380 and Rock Island BBR Browning 1911 380 and Rock Island BBR. 25 inch MS Commander Size 1911 Slide 45ACP Tac Ultra Adjustable $ 179. 00) 8 models Stoner CNC Rock Island Armory Baby Rock 1911 Slash and Burn G10 Gun Grips As Low As 1911 Accessories Related Searches. The Rock Island Armory handgun fed all types of bullet styles without an issue. 97 Out of stock Read more Rock Island Armory 1911 GI Rear Sight High Polish Nickel $ 19. Patriot Armory (USPA) is a veteran owned small business located in the city of Apple Valley (Just North Of Ontario California). This iconic pistol features fixed, low-profile sights and a durable parkerized finish for a tough, smooth, non-reflective surface. There have been several videos on youtube as well as some articles floating around online. C33 Colt 1911 Ivory-Like Grips, Checkered Double Diamond Pattern. 45ACP5 Clark Custom Match Barrel wCompensatorStainless EGW Premium Mainspring for sale by Blue Robin . M1911-A1 TACTICAL 5IN 9MM PARKERIZED 8+1RD. 45 ACP, Full Size, Used Factory Original (Marked Rock Island Armory) Product. Rock Island Armory 1911 GI 45acp Mid Size 4. Select One SKU Description High Price Low Price. Recent figures indicate there are more Rock Island pistols sold than any other 1911 and I sometimes get questions concerning aftermarket parts and the . IWB (Inside the Waistband) MOLLE. C29GR Colt 1911 Ivory-Like Grips With. 95 84 sold GLOCK 17 Gen 3 Lower Parts Kit LPK Aluminum Trigger PF940v2 - Black / Red $74. Shop Local In the end, the Rock Island 1911’s are all about price. competitive shooter, a firearms enthusiast, in law enforcement or the military, we can provide any gunsmith service you need for your 1911 or. Shop for Armscor 1911 Parts List Schematics with Numrich Gun Parts. GLOCK REAR SLIDE COVER BACK PLATES. The length of the original barrel was 5″ rather than 4. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. NC - FINE- All original finish 90% - 94% or better, some dings in wood wear commensurable with percent of finish. It fit exactly like it would have on any 1911. At Advanced Tactical, we work very hard to provide our valued customers with first-class service apparent in all aspects of our store, from browsing our intuitive & informative website, to purchasing & delivery to your door. We are currently have a whole line of Rock Island Armory (RIA) grips to fit their different variations of the 1911. Ebony Punisher Rock Island 380 1911 Grips #2. Items listed as “drop in” refer to the class of part which would require less fitment than a match . Saying that Rock Island Armory 1911'S are Made from old Colt Gun making machines. That were acquired by Armscor in the Phillippines to make the all to popular. 00 fee on conversions to return old barrels. Rock Island Armory OEM 1911 - Ejector 9mm / 38S / 10mm / 40SW High Polish $ 15. porting, (TiN Gold) bull barrel, HCG oversized magwell, and HCG oversized mag release Shop now - Trigger job on factory parts have a 3-3. went in with a nice tight fit no filing needed. Read more; RIA 1911 A1 45ACP Trigger Upgrade Kit $ 69. The Rock Island Armory line of entry to mid-level 1911's hardly needs introduction. The Rock Island® M1911 GI Standard FS Semi-Auto Centerfire Pistol is based on the original military issued 1911, chambered in. The Rock Island Armory 10mm 1911 provides exceptional value for the price. *All new complete guns must be shipped to a licensed dealer. Shop available Rock Island Armory (Made by Armscor) parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corporation today! We've been supplying customers with hard to find parts since 1950. Compensated 1911 Standard 5". Colt-Forged frame Forged slide Very few MIM parts Rock Island-Forged slide Cast frame Just about all small parts are MIM The Colt may be more expensive, but IMHO it is a much higher quality gun, and if you will look on the websites of some of the big name 1911 gunsmiths, none of them that I know of will work on a Rock Island, whereas all of them will work on a Colt. Custom 1911 Grips, CUSTOM 1911 Grips, two tone 1911 grips, laser engraved 1911 grips, 1911 PARTS AND TOOLS. Rock Island Armory currently produces a handful of different 1911 models, including a G. Rock Island Armory 1911 Full Size, Springfield Armory 1911, Smith & Wesson SW1911 Kimber 1911, Kimber Por Carry, Kimber Pro CDP II, Cabot 1911, Nighthawk 1911, Norinco 1911A1, Ruger SR 1911, Les Baer 1911, Ed Brown 1911, Dan Wesson 1911 Razorback, Springfeild Professional, Girsan MC1911S, Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911, Ithaca M1911A1,. Do you guys remember a time, roughly 2005ish, when the only 1911s on the market seemed to be overly expensive custom guns? That was a helluva time, . 38 Super 10mm 9mm FEATURED PRODUCTS U. Browse for your Rock Island Armory (Made by Armscor) parts and accessories from the huge selection of Numrich Gun Parts - the world's largest supplier of . Millman-- I did some polishing on the shoe on my Gun Craft trigger and hope to eventually give it an "engine-turned" look of overlapping swirls. 1911 Auto Match Barrels – #1 in Precision and Accuracy. Rock Island Armory 1911: The Best (Quality) Budget Gun Out There?. Our 1911 handguns are loaded with many great features. All firearms are hand-fitted and confirmed to meet strict tolerance and quality requirements in tightness, smoothness and overall look and feel. It is made of steel and is made to Armscor/Rock Island Armory specifications and tolerances, using the same manufacturing and materials as the original equipment. Rock Island Armory is a best-fit manufacturer for the pistols, rifles, shotguns and ammunition you need for your concealed-carry, home-defense, self-defense and competition shooting lifestyle. Customized my RIA 1911 w Wilson Combat parts, VZ Grips, Ruger Trigger and a nice trigger job. All Trigger & Parts; Triggers; Connectors; Spring Kits; Trigger Housings; ROCK ISLAND ROCK ULTRA CSL 9MM/22TCM 3. Rock Island Armory offers a GI-type 1911 chambered in. 0 (1) WILEY CLAPP GOVERNMENT 5IN 45 ACP BLUE 8+1RD COLT (In Stock) $1,449. offers a complete line of American made, custom built AR15 style rifles. The Rock Island Armory A-1 1911 Full Size Magazine is a standard factory replacement magazine. FRAME: High Polished Stainless Steel. They're reasonably cheap and both functional and stunning to the eye. Rather, it's a representation of the original M1911. Rock Island 1911 may not be the original M1911, but it's not far off either. Just a work of caution, these 2011 people will stroke out if you call a para/ rock island double stack a “2011”. Browning 1911 380 and Rock Island BBR. It is important when purchasing spare parts to know which model you have. 1 Rock Island Armory (ria) Gi 1911 Pistol – Cheapest Choice 6. We offer barrels for the following makes: Colt, Kimber, Armscor, Para Ordnance, Springfield, Rock Island Armory, Remington, Ruger, Wilson Combat, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Les Baer, STI, SVI, and more. 95 New Rock Island Armory 5" Full Size 1911 Slide 45acp Gi Polished Nickel $149. Rock Island Armory 1911 GI 45acp 5 Full Size Nkl 8rd. The sights On the Rock 1911 are fiber-optic in the front with an adjustable rear. By espacef1fan, December 31, 2015 in Handguns. 45 (quite a name) with a 5" barrel, my first 1911. 80% 1911 Pistol Parts, Semi-automatic Commander 1911, 45 ACP, 4. No matter which series you choose, you'll get the same level of detail regardless of caliber. Combine this with multiple choices in size and you have one of the most versatile 1911 designs you can buy. These pistols are commonly available in the $400 . Unlike similar products on the market, our bench block has a special surface treatment to protect your precious firearm from scratches during gun drifting. 25" Pistol, Mid Size - 51487 Ed Brown Custom (5) Fusion (8) Girsan (22) Heavy Armor Division (2) Heckler and Koch (1) Inland (1). Holster Accessories Mag Carriers Surface Mounts Carry Type. com - Custom Hand Made 1911 Grips. Rock Island Armory "Custom" 1911 weaponseducation. We offer Leather, Nylon, Kydex Rock Island 1911 holsters. 10 blends the styling, handling and chambering of the classic 1911 with the compact features and enhanced elements today's defensive shooters desire. EGW makes world-class parts for many of the top 1911 manufacturers. Rather than going through an online FFL or local gun dealer to buy a "retail" 1911 frame considered a firearm -- and paying extra taxes, fees, and brand mark-up costs -- you can easily fabricate your own lightweight forged 1911 frame from scratch. (RIA 1911 m1 cs 2011) Perfect in every way! i am very impressed with the fit and finish of this sight as well as the perfect fit for my pistol. The best price for rock island 1911 45 for sale online. Rock Island Armory 1911 GI 9mm Full Size 5 9rd. All parts should be installed by a professional gunsmith. In the end, the Rock Island 1911's are all about price. 25IN 45 ACP STAINLESS 8+1RD COLT (In Stock) $1,049. We are dedicated to reliability, quality, . Custom Pistols; 1911 Pistols; Rock Island; Beretta 1301; RIA VR80; Benelli Flush Tube Info; Parts/Accessories. 44 Magnum Power from your reliable 1911 pistol! There's quite a bit that goes into each. If Rock Island is a standard 1911, shouldn't parts from any 1911 fit it? that Rock Island was a good frame to start a customized pistol. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be notified of the. 97 In stock Add to cart Metalform 1911 CS 45 ACP 6 round Magazine RIA Officer's / Compact $ 19. We specialize in only 1911 and 2011 handguns. Read more; Rock Island Armory 4. 45 ACP FULL-SIZE 8RD ETM BASE NEW, BLACK. The 80% frame is made available for all 1911 builds. We carry a wide range of Quality Parts & Accessories for your. HD XXL Gunsmith Fit Ejector Block Blue. Rock Island Armory Grips – Browne Works. Rock Island Model 1911 1911. Custom 24k hardened gold plating service 1911 parts. 1911 STI 2011 / Double Stack Parts. Brownells is your source for Rock Island 1911 Parts at Brownells. Rock Island Armory 1911-A1 FS. 460 Rowland® parts and enjoy True. Barrel (various caliber versions may be available and compatible). The simplest and one of the most useful part upgrades is a sight upgrade. It started it's life as a RIA G. Colt 1911 vs Rock Island Armory 1911 Quality. Rock Island Armory 1911 Grips. Custom made emerald Dragon Skin FOR FULL SIZE GOVERNMENT, COMMANDER, AND GOLD CUP SIZE 1911 PISTOLS. Price as of 04/22/2022 09:08 PDT. Click on individual parts of the 1911 or scroll down and click on the part names. Rock Island 1911 GI Sights, not great. Accessories Holsters Magazines Range Gear Optics Knives & Tools Hunting Gear Cleaning Supplies Shop All. My Rock Island 45ACP 1911 wears complete internals for the trigger control system straight out of the Brownels catalog for 1911's. Best 1911 Upgrades & Mods. With C-More red dot sight, Bianchi International belt with competition holster, four additional magazines (various capacities), three CR Speed magazine. 95 ; Rock Island ULTRA, 9MM, 4 1/4" · $169. This one is chambered in 9mm giving you 10 rounds of firepower in a smooth shooting format with the legendary single action trigger of a 1911. Rock Island 51414 45 ACP 1911 5" 8+1 Matte Stainless Steel Wood Grip. An aspect of the 1911 pistol that some people really appreciate is that you can take a gun that's basically average and - with a few 1911 upgrades - make it a tack-driving machine with surgical-grade accuracy that would stop the Incredible Hulk in his tracks. You can choose between IWB, OWB, Ankle, Appendix, Concealed Carry, Cross Draw, Drop Leg, Duty, Light & Laser. Except for five rounds it's anew gun (i. The options for your Rock Island 1911include sights, slide stops, barrels, triggers, cylinders, hammers, muzzles, trigger guards etc. Rock Island Armory XT22 Magnum. 380 Pistol 200 Revolver 202 Revolver 206 Revolver 210 Revolver Lion Series S/A SG (Dreya Arms Turkey) M22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle. rock island 1911 for sale and auction. From lead models such as semi-wadcutters with a sharp, flat nose to open-mouth, jacketed hollowpoint bullets, the RIA 1911 ran like a champ. All parts in this category are specific to the 1911 Pistol unless otherwise noted. 45 ACP Full-Size 5" 1911 Slide w/ Night Sights $169. 5 pounds, and, overall, the parts on my test gun were well fitted. com is your source for High Quality 1911 and 2011 parts at reasonable prices. (more info about ad) Here is just the ticket for upgrading your Rock Island 1911 GI Model’s front sight. Discover the Best 1911 Accessories and Parts. Kensight Tenon Staked Ramp Front Sight for Colt 1911A1 Series 70. 1911 Shop All 1911 parts and accessories. They can also be used to ask questions about the parts of a particular pistol from one of these manufacturers, as long as the question relates to the original parts. Read more; Rock Island Armory 1911 9mm Complete Top End Upper – Slide, Barrel & Internals $ 379. 62" View Details 51447 ROCK Standard FS 2-Tone 45ACP 8rd. I also put on a Dwyer Group Gripper full length spring guide. 8RD ACT-MAG 45ACP 1911 Full Size Gov – Blued w/Logo $ 29. The frame is made of parkerized steel and the grip is made of checkered wood. - We can perform our packages on single stacks as well as double stack Rock Island pistols. Short milled checkered trigger, wide checkered hammer, short grip safety, checkered. It is recommended that all parts be fit by a qualified gunsmith. All Parts/Accessories - Due to a change made by. and the staff is just as great as their product, with great phone personality and lightning fast email responsethanks Dawson!! Rock Island 1911 front. Our mission is to be your go-to source for quality firearm products by offering exceptional quality at competitive prices. Mod your Rock Island 1911 with these accessories Choose from various modifications for your Rock Island 1911, including holsters, parts, sights, magazines, grips, lasers, lights and cleaning utilities. Custom Strayer-Voigt 1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol with AccessoriesCustom race gun built on a Strayer-Voigt frame. This will include their Double Stack (HC) and Baby Rock (BBR) models. It's no secret that adding a red dot optic to a handgun is a red-hot trend. Rock Island Armory 1911 OEM magazine 45acp 8 round. I build custom grips by hand, no automation. One of the most prominent examples of a budget 1911 is the Rock Island Armory (RIA) 1911. All Shotguns Beretta 1301; RIA VR80; Benelli Flush Tube Info; Parts. RUGER SR1911 SR1911 COMMANDER Smith & Wesson K, L and X Frame Grips Sig Sauer Beretta 92 92F 92G FS 92SB 96 M992. Whether it's for a Government Model, Commander Model or Officer's Model, we've got you covered with top upgrades from the most popular brands. Rock Island 1911 FS 10mm/40S&W Guide Rod, Stainless. Custom Pistols; Other commercially-available M1911s;. I found a phenomenal deal on Gunbroker for a new-in-box Rock Island Armory M1911A1. -Will fit the Rock Island MS and FS Tactical models, WILL NOT fit the CS model-Any white glares seen in photo are just reflections from the lighting. C29COB Colt 1911 Ivory-Like Grips With Cobra. Mainspring Cap Blue SKU:10030-10 From. While not a custom 1911 builder per se, Colt's the oldest name in the 1911 game and deserves a look. Colt 1911 Ivory-Like Grips, Smooth, Slope Bottom, Bob Tail for Fast Draw from Concealed Carry. (24) 24 product ratings - 1911 GRIPS for Colt Rock Island & Clones Punisher Rosewood Double Diamond. After the polish work, a few tweaks and some good mags, this Rock Island is a keeper. Add to cart; Rock Island Armory 5″ Full Size 1911 Slide. Ebony Spartan Rock Island 380 1911 Grips. Read more; Rock Island Armory 1911 Slide XT22 22LR Full Size RIA $ 89. 45's in my gun collection, but I wanted to shoot traditional which meant I needed a standard, G. 1911/2011/HiCap; CZ; Glock; Dawson Precision Rock Island 1911 Novak Style Fixed Carry Fiber Optic Rear Sights $49. Budget priced great quality Rock Island Armory 1911 Pistols. model (which most closely resembles the M1911A1 that saw service from World War II to Vietnam), a Commander model, a Compact model, a Match model, and a Tactical model. Our 1911 grips will fit models such as the Colt M1911, Colt Series 70, Colt 1991 Series, Colt Delta Elite, Colt Gold Cup, Colt Commander, Dan Wesson Commander, Kimber Warrior, Kimber Raptor, Kimber Eclipse, Para Elite, Para Black Ops, Ruger SR1911, Remington R1, Rock Island 1911, SW1911, Springfield Mil-Spec, and Taurus 1911, and others. All Parts/Accessories; Pistol Parts/Accessories; Shotgun Parts/accessories. 45 ACP FULL-SIZE 10RD EXTENDED MAGAZINE. demo) 10 mm 1911 A1, G 10 grips 8. 25" Barrel, - Black, Novak Style 3-Dot Sights, Ambidextrous Thumb Safety, Comes With 1 8rd Magazine - Frame Not Included was $795. Win The Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle ($6300 Value!) Click Here To Enter. Wilson Combat has been performing World Class Custom Gunsmithing on 1911 pistols since 1977. Sell your rock island 1911 for FREE today on GunsAmerica!. All Shotguns; Benelli M2; Franchi Affinity; Beretta 1301; RIA VR80; Benelli Flush Tube Info; Parts/Accessories. 45 ACP Wide Serration Snag Free Heavy $ 179. Pistol Grips US Army Full Size & Commander Colt Kimber Springfield RIA, Etc #. Order the highest quality 1911 parts and accessories on the market. 45 auto Gun Parts Kit: GunBroker is the largest seller of Gun Parts Kits Gun Parts All: 926248815. The stock Rock trigger was satisfactory in operation (a characteristic of RIA 1911's), but I had been wanting to tryout a flat-front trigger and since this is purely a range-toy I figured this was the time to do it (incidentally, I really like the flat. Login/Register; My Cart Item(s) 1911 Parts G. My only problem so far has been a bullet jamming in the chamber when tryin to load from the magazine (about once in. Nighthawk Custom 1911 Agent 2 Black with Gold Accents 9mm Pistol with Threaded Barrel. 5 of 5 TAC Ultra: Rock Island Armory's 10mm 1911 Pistol Similar to those from Clark Custom, the TAC Ultra's stainless steel barrel has a built-in feed ramp. Rock Island Upgrades So I am at a point that I want to "tinker" as it were with my RIA 1911's and do whatever upgrades I can do on it. St Jude 1911 Grips For Colt Kimber Rock Island Ruger Sig Springfield Gold. Custom 1911 Grips Kimber Colt Rock Island Frames Colt Black Silver. 45 for $330! One other person bid on it and raised the price from $330 to $345; but it was still an excellent deal. All of those can be divided in broad categories: Action Parts, Barrel Parts, Books & Videos, Frame Parts, Grip Parts, Recoil Parts, Safety Parts, Sights, Slide Parts and Trigger Group Parts. NOTE: Parts kits are NOT functioning firearms. Shop 1911 accessories and parts. Welcome! We specialize in making 1911 Grips. Rock Island Armory 5″ Full Size 1911 Slide. 1911 Grips [Full Size] 1911 Grips [Compact/Officer] Beretta Grips. Please note that all 1911 parts require . Shop our vast selection and save!. Colt 1911 Ivory-Like Grips, Smooth, Flat Bottom, Cut For Ambidextrous Safety. So, some of these so called "drop-in" parts might need a tweaking to make them fit. 1911 fits Grips Colt Gov & Clones HD picture of Patriotic Skeleton Skulls UV printed on wood grips. Les Baer 1911 Custom Carry Commanche Semi-Automatic Pistol Lot # 17 (Sale Order: 17 of 996) Condition: Very Good to Excellent Make: Les Baer Barrel Length: 4 1/4 inch round Model: 1911 Custom Carry Commanche Length Caliber: 45 ACP Stock Material: Other - Stock Material Serial #: LBC40563 Low Estimate: 1,400 High Estimate: 2,250 Other: walnut. 1911 Grips Rosewood Aggressive Combat Fits Springfield Colt Rock Island Clones. Description: (51484) This is a new Rock Island Armory Model 1911-A1 FS Tactical semi-automatic pistol chambered in 45 acp. 25″ Commander 1911 Slide 9mm Rock Ultra MS Tac 2 Black $ 189. SHOP ROCK ISLAND ARMORY GUN PARTS. The ability to customize a 1911 easily given the availability of upgrade parts has long been a virtue of the. These are acrylic grips with UV/HD printed imaging Ambi Cut FITS and is compatible with the following brands COLT, Kimber, Springfield, Remington, Taurus, Ruger SR1911, Sig, Smith & Wesson, Rock Island*, GSG 1911 plus 1911 AND GOVERNMENT MODEL CLONES Will not fit a double stack. Quick view Conventional recoil spring 1911/2011. Take a look at our amazing selection of 1911 upgrades today and take your handgun to the next level. The Rock Island RIA 1911 is either a 5'' or 4" or 3", recoil operated, semi-automatic single action handgun. Rock Island Rock Island Slide & Firing Part Pistol Parts Best Selling Rock Island Armory 58035 1911 5 inch. Besides making outstanding 1911 and 2011 pistols, Deep River Customs is a full service custom gunsmith shop. 00 Add to cart · Rock Island 206 38spl Revolver Parts, Barrel. Each firearm is built using 4140 Ordnance steel and engineered using the latest CNC machines. 45 ACP Full-Size 5" Non-Ramped Standard Bushing Barrel (20) $79. Firearms and Accessories from Rock Island. Custom 13 items ; Pro 2 items ; Compact 2 items. Single Stack or Hi-Cap 1911 Style Pistol. My RIA Tactical's are my most accurate 1911's! They outperform my $3,700 Ed Brown and virtually all my other "off the shelf" 1911's, several Colt's included! Check out Rassco grips for their "Diamondwood" custom grips. RRA 1911 Parts and Accessories. Rock Island Armory 6 inch Target Size 1911 Slide 10mm / 40 S&W Pro Match RIA $ 199. We provide our customers secure & protected transactions, order status updates, tracking numbers, and much more. Grips Also Fit Colt Commander, Colt 1991A Auto & Clones. -Grips are made out of a very solid and durable polymer material. 45acp SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1911 REMINGTON 1911 R1. Mainspring Housing Retainer Pin Blue SKU:10030-11 From. Rock Island 1911 9mm Wide Serrated Slide Compact. The Ultralight Match Trigger is used by the Wilson Custom Shop to produce some of the world's finest 1911 Autos. Upgrade your pistol with the best 1911 parts and accessories. Rock Island Armory 1911 A2 custom basepad to match the "Fattie" magazine basepad by Taylor Freelance. 1911 grips hogue 1911 grips handgun. Made by the famed gun manufacturer ARMSCOR of the Philippines, the RIA series of 1911's are famous for quality construction, affordable cost and incredible out of the box performance. Rock Island Armory 1911 GI 45acp 3. The original M1911 was similar to the Model T Ford, in that you could have any variety you wanted, as long as it was the same one that came off the factory floor. Not all parts that are available for purchase are shown on the schematic. We offer 1911 pistol barrels for a wide variety of makes and models. I've been looking at rosewood grips on ebay ($35) that look pretty good. Over the last few years this has been catching on with polymer guns, such as the Glock MOS system, the Smith & Wesson M&P series and other manufacturers who are. C31A Colt 1911 Ivory-Like Grips, Smooth, Flat Bottom, Ambi Safety. Rock Island Armory pistols exhibit good fit and finish for the price. Custom race gun built on a Strayer-Voigt frame. It was then sent to the late Dave Schwarze 1911, respected pistol-smith of Indiana, as the base gun for the following build: McCormick trigger group with trigger job Barrel fitted to slide Bushing fitted to barrel Beavertail grip safety w/ memory bump. Rock Island Armory, a division of Armscor, offers a broad selection of 1911-pattern pistols that can't be found anywhere else in the marketplace, including the company's proprietary. Grips for Colt 1911s and 1911 clones - including Remington R1, M1911 Pistol, Rock Island Armory Series 1911 Series, Ruger SR1911, Sig Sauer SW1911, Para Expert Commander, S&W SW1911, Kimber Custom, Kimber Eclipse, Colt Delta Elite, Colt Commander, 1991A1, and Colt Government. It comes with grip safety and an ambidextrous thumb safety. Long guns; LAR-15; LAR-15LH LEF-T; LAR-15M. Ed Brown Magazine, 45ACP, 7Rd, Stainless, Fits 1911, Includes 1 Thick and 1 Thin Base Pad. Rock Island 1911 take off grip Custom Pistols; 1911 Pistols; Rock Island; Shotguns. The sights are fiber-optic in the front with an adjustable rear. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and updates from Armscor Shooting Center, Inc. All Rock Island Armory 1911s are manufactured by Armscor in the Philippines and then directly imported by Armscor into the United. 40) for 21+1 and sometimes 22+1 performance! Legal for USPSA, 3-Gun competition (meets the 140mm rule). 45 ACP 5″ Full Size Barrel With Link and Pin. Rock Island 1911 45 Pistol Parts, Mainspring & Housing. 25" long, and the overall capacity is eight rounds. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. 38 Super with a Series 70 firing system, national match barrel, staked on front sights, and spurred hammer for about $800. We Have the Largest Selection of Ammo, AR-15 Uppers, BCGa, LPKs, Mags and More!. Buy Rock Island Armory 1911 A1. The only part I had to fit was the safety and it was tricky but I got to fit and work correctly. Les Baer 1911 Custom Semi-Automatic Pistol with Case Lot # 16 (Sale Order: 16 of 996) Make: Les Baer Condition: Excellent Model: 1911 Custom Barrel Length: 5 inch round Caliber: 45 ACP Stock Material: Other - Stock Material Serial #: LB32359 Low Estimate: 1,400 High Estimate: 2,250 Other: hardwood. I also put on a Dwyer Group Gripper full length spring guide with its special link, and a bushing that I fit to the slide and barrel as I would have any 1911. rd mag, hard case, and paperwork in box. Armscor 1911 Parts List Schematic. 1911 Frame, C-Class - Commander Size. It's a Rock Island 4" with an Officer's grip frame. Rock Island 1911 By Rock Island Guru. Colt 1911 Ivory-Like Grips With Cobra. SHOP ROCK ISLAND ARMORY GUN PARTS 1911 1911A. The Rock Island 1911 5 inch barrel is a recoil operated, semi-automatic single action handgun. Features a Kart 9mm NM barrel, charging handle, ambidextrous thumb safety, extended slide release. 95 Rock Island Armory TAC Standard. 45, my first handgun and i've been havin fun breakin it in at the range. TAC Ultra: Rock Island Armory's 10mm 1911 Pistol A paper clip is required to field-strip the TAC Ultra pistol due to its one-piece guide rod and bushing-less bull barrel configuration. Made from engineering-grade nylon, non-marring work surface to avoid the damage of your gun parts, durable in use. Nighthawk Custom Parts & Accessories. ROCK ISLAND; VICTORY HOOKS; View All; Info Rock Island Sports 381 Cty Rt 11 Gouverneur NY 13642 Call us at 3155287934 Subscribe to our newsletter. Very sharp checkering for a secure grip. Price (High to Low) Price (Low to High) Release Date Featured Filter Clear. 5lb trigger pull - Due to a change made by Rock Island to their frames, we no longer offer aftermarket triggers. Save 10% on Rings and Rails | We are unable to ship internationally. Dawson RIA Fiber Optic Front Sight for Hayes Co-Witness plates. Features a Kart 9mm NM barrel, charging handle, ambidextrous thumb safety, extended slide release, and extended magazine release. Compensated 1911 Standard 5″ Conversion. First and foremost this is not because I am having any issues with any of my four RIA's, I am more or less want to change out what I can to make a good gun even better and I like to customize things. Custom Strayer-Voigt 1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol with Accessories. Add to Cart The item has been added. 51431 ROCK Standard FS 45ACP 8rd caliber 45ACP // capacity 8 // barrel 5" View Details 51429 ROCK Standard CS 45ACP 7rd caliber 45ACP // capacity 7 // barrel 3. Fusion Pro Line: 80% 1911 Frame - Commander Size. High Quality1 1/4" H x 4" diameter work surface. I have a Rock Island 1911 A1 Tactical. Nighthawk Custom offers the only best 1911 parts, including: barrels, frames, slides, grips, magazines, safeties, slide stops, ejectors, sights, springs and much more. 9 from customers on the web COMPANY DESCRIPTION: We are an 07 Firearms manufacturer offering hand fitted semi-custom handguns in both the 1911 and high capacity modular 1911, commonly referred to as the 2011. -One (1) pair of Duragrips for the Rock Island 1911 Tactical "GRITTY PUNIZHER"-Ambi-safety cut out for a proper fitment on the Tactical model. Weighing in at a little over 90 grains, the Ultralight trigger is an absolute necessity for a light yet safe competition trigger job or to produce the ultra-crisp trigger pull that Wilson "Tactical" pistols are noted for. 45 ACP Rock Ultra Adjustable $ 199. Today the company is the largest ammunition and arms manufacturer in SouthEast Asia. Professional grade 1911 pistol parts made in the USA by Fusion Firearms. Les Baer 1911 Custom Carry Commanche Semi-Automatic Pistol Lot # 17 (Sale Order: 17 of 996) Make: Les Baer Condition: Very Good to Excellent Model: 1911 Custom Carry Commanche Length Barrel Length: 4 1/4 inch round Caliber: 45 ACP Stock Material: Other - Stock Material Serial #: LBC40563 Low Estimate: 1,400 High Estimate: 2,250 Other: walnut. Nighthawk Custom Classic Style Boardroom Series 1911 Chairman Longslide IOS 10mm Pistol with Camo Cerakote. Hammer Strut Pin Blue SKU:10030-1 From. is recognized as one of the finest manufacturers of custom parts and accessories for the 1911 Auto and here’s why. Armscor 1911 Schematic w/ Parts List. Dawson Precision Rock Island 1911 Mil Spec Fixed Carry Optic Rear Sights. PRODUCTS: 1911 Widebody pistol parts for competition PRICING: $$$$$ USER RATING: ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐. High Quality 11-pc Pin Set for 1911 Blue SKU:10030 From. (In Stock) Click here for price! $549. Rock Island Armory 1911 Tactical Govt 9MM 5" Barrel, Parkerized, AMBI SAFETY. This is a left or right handed OWB, outside the waistband / outside pants leather holster for your handgun. We will also have option to accommodate the RIA ambidextrous thumb safety and their attached magwell. I specialize in building the finest custom grips for the 1911 Colt and the 1911 true clone pistols, both full and compact models, Whether it be Colt, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Rock River Arms, Rock Island Arms or any other true clone of the original M1911. Call Us : (612) 387-4310 10am-6pm Central Time; [email protected] Hogue 1911 Wraparound Grips 23 at Amazon Prices accurate at time of writing View Details Amazon (See Price) Brownells (See Price) Alumagrips. im new to this game, but lovin every bit of it thus far! I just purchased a Rock Island Armory 1911. 1911 custom GRIPS fits COLT Springfield Rock Island + Clones. more infoQuick viewAdd to Cart. 95 New Rock Island Armory 5" Full Size 1911 Slide 10mm / 40 S&w Rock Ultra Adjustable $199. Recoil springs and reverse plugs are available. 95 ; Rock Island 1911 FS 10mm/40S&W Guide Rod, Stainless · $19. At Wilson Combat, only our most experienced Master Pistolsmiths perform customer gunsmithing, so we. Lion Series S/A SG (Dreya Arms Turkey) M22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle. To customize the look I added a Bomar rib (full length, 1950's style Bullseye competition gun look) with Bomar sights. 3 - Good: Parts that have been used but are still in mechanically good condition. Make refers to the manufacturer of the pistol, and model refers to the size. An original signature copy of dealer's FFL must be on file at our shop before we can ship. Custom 1911 grips kimber colt / rock island frames eagle nickel plated. There are no products listed under this category. We offer complete 1911 pistols or you can personalize your very own with our great selection of Parts, Barrels, Beavertail Grips, & more. Hogue 1911 Wraparound Grips No grip list is complete without Hogue grips. Click on any part number highlighted in RED to view specific details or to purchase online. MODEL: M1911-A1 FS Rock Standard FS. We machine many of our own parts in house. But when I fired it, it was not smooth like my other. Navy Colt 1911 Pistol with Letter, Case, Accessories. The pistol is well finished, offers a smooth trigger compression at 5. OWB (Outside the Waistband) Pocket. We have plenty of 1911 Pistol Grips in stock, all hand made, and we also take custom orders. The 10mm Auto is a great pairing to the 1911 platform. I put an ambi safety on it as well as 3 dot sights. Check out our Online Store Here and Contact Us with any questions!. 45 ACP, 5", 8rd, Full Size GI Model - 51421 Ed Brown Custom (9. 1911-A1 EMP COMPACT LW 3IN 9MM STAINLESS G10 GRIPS FIXED 9+1RD SPRINGFIELD ARMORY (In Stock) $1,299. WILSON COMBAT ELITE TACTICAL MAGAZINE 1911. Gun Parts; Rock Island Armory RIA. Rock Island 1911 holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and re-holstering while being comfortable at all times. Select a Make 1911 Armalite Beretta Bersa Browning CZ Colt Diamondback FN Fire-Storm Girsan Glock Grand Power Heckler & Koch Hi-Point Kahr Arms Kel-Tec Kimber Para-Ordnance Rock Island Rossi Ruger SCCY Sar Arms Sig Sauer Smith & Wesson Springfield Steyr Mannlicher Taurus Walther. Differences between M1911 and Rock Island 1911. 45 ACP Pistol w/ Rail, Stainless - 1911CSS45R. Made for the Rock Island Armory (Armscor) 1911 (1911A1 FS / A2) with a 5 in. Sort by: Select One SKU Description High Price Low Price. AR-15; AR-10; AK-47; SKS; 1911; Rock Island Armory Full Size 1911 8 Round Magazine 10mm Auto Steel Blued Finish Rock Island Armory Full Size 1911 8 Round Magazine QuickView Chip McCormick Custom 1911 Magazine Full Size 10mm 9 Rounds Chip McCormick Custom 1911 Magazine Full. Although this is not a specialised article about . From the ultra-compact 1911 pistols by Kimber, to the full-size models from Springfield and Sig Sauer, our selection of 1911s is vast. 95 117 sold Rock Island Armory 1911 Thumb Safety GI Style - Black Parkerized $16. Extractors, ejectors, hammers, and struts can be purchased. Just replace your old barrel and recoil spring assembly with our Mighty. The manual thumb safety was positive in operation and easy to manipulate. Surplus Ammo is THE Source for Rock Island Armory Parts & Accessories. 1911 pistols are available in a wide range of calibers, from. 85650 (520) 678-2768 Due to PayPal's anti-firearms policy, we are no longer accepting PayPal as a payment option www. If you're in the market for the famous 1911 pistol and don't want to spend a ton then Palmetto State Armory the perfect solution. This single-action pistol features a fully parkerized steel frame and slide, full picatinny rail, black rugger grips, 5" barrel, 8-Round capacity, Fixed Novak Style sights, extended Beavertail, Frame mounted safety lever, and a weight of 4 lbs. Pack something that brings true heat. BRAND: Armscor|Rock Island Armory. For some reason, I'm thinking abut changing the grips. We will not perform services on Charles Daly, Chiappa, Dan Wesson, Rock Island or other off brand 1911 models not built similar to common 1911 specs; We will not perform services on 1911's smaller than Colt Commander specs; Prices do not include shipping; Parts not included except where specified; $25 if new sear or disconnector is needed. 1911 FULL SIZE 10MM 9RD SS MAG, CHIP MCCORMICK. RRA 1911 Disconnector, Ejector, and Other Parts. 45 ACP Full Size Tactical Builder's Kit (35) $499. Wilson Combat 1911 barrels, compensators, firing pins, springs, safeties, and more available. Rock Island 1911 take off grip All Pistols; Custom Pistols; 1911 Pistols; Rock Island; Shotguns. M1911-A1 TACTICAL 5IN 45 ACP PARKERIZED 8+1RD. The 2nd Tactical Brooklyn Center, MN 55430. Colt 1911 Grips There are 38 products in this category. Rock Island 1911 9mm Wide Serrated Slide Compact · $189. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. this is a Custom Rock Island Tactical 1911 in. Custom 1911 Grips, CUSTOM 1911 Grips, two tone 1911 grips, laser engraved 1911 grips, Custom Magpul 1911 grips, cerakote full size 1911 grips,custom 1911 grips, custom government 1911 grips, PUNISHER 1911 GRIPS. You'll never think twice when you have a reliable magazine. This magazine is for A-1 1911 models chambered in 9 mm and holds 10 rounds of ammunition. The A1 isn't a match grade target pistol. Parts for Popular Models Shop All. Buy 1911 custom GRIPS fits COLT Springfield Rock Island + Clones Guardian Angel: GunBroker is the largest seller of Pistol Grips Pistol Parts Gun Parts All: 932368907. The grips are elk stag made by Patrick Grashorn. 38 Super is a great all-around handgun. The barrel was properly fitted with the requisite 1/32-inch gap between the two parts of the feed ramp. Learn More about our 1911 Parts, 1911 Hammers, and 1911 Guide Rods. Welcome to Brazos Custom Gunworks Online, offering custom pistols and 1911 parts for competition and self defense. Rock Island Armory 51417-MA 1911 GI MID Size 4. The Best Rock Island 1911 Sight Upgrades. Pistol Grips, Pistol Holsters, Leather Holsters, Pistol Grip Screws, COLT 1911 KIMBER 1911 GSG & SIG SAUER ROCK ISLAND ARMORY M1911-A1. Check out our 1911 parts selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our hunting & archery shops. Rock Island 1911A1 Review: Reliable, affordable, but far. Ebony Grim Reaper Rock Island 380 1911 Grips. I wouldn't imagine that anyone would ever consider carrying it. Benelli; VR80; King Competition; Muller Chokes; Factory. 0 1991 GOVERNMENT 5IN 9MM STAINLESS 9+1RD COLT (In Stock) $999. The OWB is a great option to carry your either as a conceal carry holster or an open carry. Nowlin Arms 1911 Barrels, Parts & Accessories 1911 Parts, 1911 Barrels and Accessories. Here is the popular wraparound version which gives you finger grooves along with their trademark grippy rubber surface.