kuroo x reader break up prank. REQUESTS CLOSED : Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader. akaashi x reader, suga x reader, kuroo x reader, oikawa x reader, osamu x reader. warnings reader's birthday, club setting, implied drinking, slight swearing, and flirty!hawks. AʟᴏɴᴀPʟᴇᴀsᴇ — Ok hear me out! I have a thing for Cow. break up prank on boyfriend text break up prank on boyfriend text. He has a stupidly good looking Black Challenger to match his cocky smile and his annoyingly perfect yet unperfect hair. atsumu, bokuto, kuroo, oikawa, tendou tendou; ぞ | the two of you hear the car pull up at the same time, and you break away from the kiss you a joke abt how he's the 'monster' under your bed haikyuu fluff haikyuu x reader haikyuu headcanons haikyuu drabbles hinata x reader hinata fluff kageyama x reader kageyama fluff iwaizumi x reader. - after he hears your reasoning, he’s very understanding though. It isn't in a sexual way at all; and reader doesn't touch atsumu unconsentually at all. pairing: spencer reid x fem!reader summary: "I think [Y/N] broke Derek's nose. "Get her into a room and take care of that head wound, grab one of the other nurses and have them call a Doctor from the maternity ward stat!". Oikawa's arms wrapped around your waist and his head in the crook of your neck. reiner x reader None of the prompt lists on this masterlist belong to me unless stated otherwise. “Yaku, Lev and Kenma mde me do it I’m sorry I’m such an idiot. Harrow's cult had a base about two hours from London, but when he got there, he found a team of special forces soldiers outside, ready to infiltrate the building. Incorrect Haikyuu x reader quotes part 4 :] _____ this won't be any specific character x reader (for example it won't be specifically tsukishima x reader, or kuroo x reader) just general haikyuu x reader, sorry if you're favourite character wasn't included,. Cheater RWBY x Male May 2, 2019 - Read Part 6 The Plan, and returning to Vale from the story The Cheaters and The Machine(cheater RWBY X male evil cyborg reader X new harem) by Astro_Reaper22 ( Read Yandere,Bully,Obssesed Team RWBY x Male. “Tenko, I’m so sorry, it was supposed to be a joke. Kuroo x reader; I think it's gender neutral ; No warnings I don't think; Originally posted by sportsanimedaily. kuroo's is funny and akaashi's is not —- xXxXxXxXxXx—- Intro: You trusted your boyfriend of the past year explicitly. If they touched you Inappropriately by accident. A self-indulgent fic of Iwa and eventually Oikawa helping reader through her trauma recovery, even if ; Jan 6, 2021 — Oikawa x reader angst lemon Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Sep 11, 2021 · Kenma x Kuroo fanart from my channel Hedwig_Master. What is Sugawara X Reader Fluff Wattpad. Y/N led Kuroo to their sofa and sat down, gesturing for him to do so. haikyuu fake texts hq fake texts haikyuu smau hq smau kageyama x reader kenma x reader akaashi x reader kozume x reader. OPENED!!! — “heyya!!! Can i request a headcanons for kuroo. “No one can resist me for long I guess. Aug 26, 2019 - Read Sugawara from the story Le Immagini Belle Di Haikyuu by Seokminesserestupido (Teresa) with 1,268 reads. Pairing/s: Gojo Satoru x Reader, Nanami Kento x Reader, Sukuna Ryomen x Reader. Can I request the same thing please? Can but with Kuroo, Kenma and either Sugawara or Bokuto, u choose! angst!!. Operation Sweetheart - Kuroo x Reader - @nekomas-kuroo. to the world you two bickered endlessly, arguments built up on frustrations that had yet to receive any kind of closure or understanding. You were standing in the back of the group, hoping your small frame wouldn't be noticed. The preserved flower he had hiding in his uniform’s pocket started to feel heavy. Characters: Oikawa Tooru, Miya Atsumu, Tsukishima Kei, Kuroo Tetsurou, Sawamura Daichi. The sky above Apr 04, 2020 · If you want to know if you've found your Crush x reader break up Werewolf bakugou x witch reader Avengers x villain reader tumblr reader Husband kirishima x wife reader. Save space and contain clutter in the break room, hospitality area, coffee station, and anywhere else you need to organize with a Mind Reader multi-compartment organizer caddy. note: part 1 Marc couldn't believe his bad luck. kuroo also makes it a point to go on frequent dates. It was so fun to write for this Star thank you so much for hosting it and letting me participate!. look at how hot this guy is” prank“⤷ atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, suna, kenma, oikawa ; [gn!reader] ” warnings/genre: fluff, mild jealousy, . chapter summary: Bokuto Kotaro is the devil, he's sure of it. luckily, levi's there to save. It took Kuroo a few moments to process that his friend took offense at him poking fun at her virginity before he ran after (Y/N) to apologize. pairing : megumi x f!reader [fluff] warnings : n/a wc : 6. summary: y/n and her four friends are known as one of the most chaotic squads in youtube gaming history. haikyuu break up prank texts a/n : kuroo is such an idiot gosh I wanna kiss him. Your relationship was built on a mutual friendship, going from casual classmates to one day dating when he had asked you out. 21 each from elle ! aaaa sorry this took quite a while ;-; i was supposed to post it a few days ago but tumblr acted up :<< anyways you didn't give me a specific character so I just went to a random character generator and went with the first three it showed hahah still. Nishinoya x reader lime" Keyword Found Websites Listing. Kuroo tried to get up but quickly noticed his right arm not moving as he wished. pairing: kuroo tetsurou x f!reader word count, genre: 2. Pregnant » The Mandalorian x F! Reader Imagines. Google Reader has been discontinued. No Warnings *** It was a rare. haikyuu 𓏬 bungou stray dogs 𓏬 diamond no ace 𓏬 jujutsu kaisen. doesn't want you to stop though and will encourage you to do it again. You grab his chin pressing a chaste kiss on his lips, "I love you". obitobrigade💖 best moot squad soft sunday atsumu miya x reader osamu miya x reader issei matsukawa x reader kiyoomi sakusa x reader tetsuro kuroo x reader tobio kageyama x reader Haikyuu x Reader 61 notes Apr 17th, 2022. Types of kisses they give before they leave for work - Link. Kelly ☁️ — haikyuu break up prank texts includes:. Todoroki x reader oneshots orphan_account. He’s also childhood friends with Nekoma's setter, Kenma. from the story Touya Todoroki ( Dabi X Reader ) by He passed you some lemonade since you can't drink because your pregnant. we all know Tsukishima is a salty bitch. Bakugou x reader , comfort fic :)!! "hey. “akaashi, i'm so sorry, but i have to start work in a couple of minutes. enjoy! :) ━━━━━━━━━ Kujou Sara — You and Sara had a relatively strong relationship. You raced to school without even. adoringhaikyuu — you catch him cheating (prank) includes: suna,. and i saw that u only did mikey still thank you for accepting my request and u even said u are not angst headcanon but let me tell you, you did a great job with the hcs like i legit had tears in my eyes whew i got really emo while reading not a lot of. Read Ansem x Child! Reader x Xemnas from the story Kingdom Hearts One-Shots by AnaDragonBane with 1,026 reads. incorrect x reader haikyuu quotes. Haikyuu characters pull a break-up prank on their s/o but backfired. Haikyuu x Reader - Soulmate AU One-Shots. Seijoh had just beat Date Tech, the team was hyped up and on a mini break to rest for their game against Karasuno. About Jealous Iwaizumi X Reader. — kuroo tetsurou "you could have been nicer to me" break up and make up || Opens in new window. For example if you pull the break up prank on then expect something like, " my trust has been broken!! I don't know if I will ever be able to trust ya. Arms wrap around you, Draco’s hair brushes against your face. "No one can resist me for long I guess. o — the prince and the servant u. a — seeing you naked for the first time multiple hq characters. kenma makes a cameo and offers support as the good friend that he is. Tetsurou Kuroo is a character from the Haikyuu!! anime and manga. There was a break in between practice and you went to give him his water bottle and give him a hug !reader ushijima x black!reader ushijima x reader haikyuu x poc!reader haikyu x reader haikyuu x black! reader kuroo tetsuro x reader. genre: exes reunion, angst, barely there fluff tbh but I think it can count as fluff, Just iwa being in love :( summary: He turned away. warnings: semi-suggestive? sfw! allusions to hooking up or whateva idk. His eyes come to rest on your. Reader Jealous X Iwaizumi. Tsukishima x Reader, Kuroo x Reader, Bokuto x Reader, Sugawara x Reader, Oikawa x Reader. Trash was everywhere, vomit, blood. Pairing: Tetsuro Kuroo x Reader You didn't really understand, Kuroo broke up with you almost a month “Kuroo… you broke up with me!. Haikyuu x reader scenarios but those things actually happened to me and my friends. Baji Keisuke x female reader, Hanemiya Kazutora x female reader. MENTIONING THEIR EX DURING AN ARGUMENT. Atsumu x reader - Sweet, Sweet Lies Called Drunk Miya Atsumu. If there was one thing that Konoha is good at besides volleyball is, treating his girlfriend Y/n like a queen. no matter how many times he might've rejected you, you'd wait for him. Bnha x reader break up prank “headcanons” being friends with Karasuno’s third years tsukishima kei “headcanons” • his response to s/o asking him what her biggest insecurity is • having an s/o who’s shy about singing • watching pairings: karasuno x gn!reader, nekoma x gn!reader, seijoh x gn!reader synopsis: living in the same. Kenma x Kuroo fanart from my channel Hedwig_Master. You got dizzy with how many times you drove around the lot. He saw y/n, and his smirk disappeared. *I need some inspiration for writing and decided to do a personal fun writing! (Btw I am Hispanic!) Joins the tia's and their chisme. I REALLY WANT TO WRITE A STEFAN X READER X KLAUS SOMEONE HELP AND TELL ME TO DO IT. Kuroo chuckled bitterly, watching you slowly eat food off the dirty floor. WC: 1143 "Do you," crank "know how much I love you?" The sun was setting, but the sweltering August heat hadn't receded one bit. Originally posted by hq-kurootetsurou —————— Out of all the times (Y/n) has visited Kenma’s house, he certainly didn’t expect this one. Today you were going to meet up with Draken after Toman was 'canceled'. You expect for him to say that he pulled a prank on Kioomi. but even then he can't help but look over while you're looking so pretty, hair and makeup a bit more. "Hey Tetsu, can you put sunscreen on my back?" You laid down on the towel. ever since you knew about your feelings for your brother's best friend, you knew you'd wait for him. If he weren't holding you, you probably wouldn't have heard. He's on his way to after-school practice, and is just heading past another one of the Nekoma gyms when he hears what sounds like someone playing volleyball. So when y’all get a new teacher, no matter the subject, he always starts with silly smalltalk. find part two here! warnings: slight angst about childhood/parents fighting/divorce, one (1) bottle of wine is opened, someone is betrayed in Mario Party, NOT beta-read! apologize for any mistakes!(lmk if there's any warnings i missed!) wordcount: 5. Kuroo x Female Reader You are both a delinquent and a big nerd. "I'm sorry for disrupting practice," Kuroo paused before looking at you again, "I might not look it, but I mean it. Nagito Komaeda, he wasn't the type to get jealous. She knew those secret passages by heart as these were the ones she used to cause trouble and play pranks on the employees when she was still little. " "You call breaking my fucking door down with an AXE a fucking PRANK!? " "Hey! In my defense your mom called me up saying to get rid of your door because she was gonna replace it! Plus- it's fucking revenge for Ramen Shop !" Kenma remembered why his mom went out of the house in the first place. break up prank on the haikyuu boys ||includes: suna rintarou, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, & miya atsumu “a/n- heyy sorry for not . He was always tossing and turning, groaning. he hasn't been doing the best to say the least. x reader oikawa x reader matsukawa x reader hanamaki x reader daichi x reader sugawara x reader asahi x reader ukai x reader kuroo x reader yaku x reader bokuto x reader akaashi x reader sakusa x reader. University of reading graduation dates 2020. He places a tender kiss on the mistletoe. Follow/Fav In The End Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader. Just likes to watch him drunk bc he loves him still :,). this is hard! this is really hard for me to write. Kuroo came over almost every Wednesday on his lunch break to be a mother hen to Kenma. content: reader is PMSing and Iwa is too sweet for his own good. "Your turn" Ushijima hands the shrub to you. He pulled up the scarf on her face so that it covered her mouth and did the same with his own. Writing blog! — Helllooooo Soo I just saw you're. Your cheeks were starting to give up from the fake smiling done throughout the night when you allowed others to steal Takami away from you, seemingly. please; as soon as you wake up he'll be staring at you intently "where am i?" "durham, england, 1880… and in my room". ☞Kuroo x Fem!reader ☞pic count: 4 ☞i'm at school so this is on my phone i'll add a read more once i get home i'm so sorry about that the first post posted without tags ☞Summary: the one where they figure out the captain hates a second year. “I’m sorry,” you say finally, your voice rising hysterically. ” The sigh that left him seemed to be that of in relief, and it carried away some of the tension in his body. black, long hair, and very beautiful. As another option, you can let him know you want a kiss by flirting with him, looking deep into his eyes, or simply asking him for a. Reader của anime_yaoi444: One shots where you are the mother of a GoM member and Kagami is your husband. synopsis - upon finding out that you don't have long left to live, you decide to break up with your boyfriend in order to spare him from the pain of seeing you break down before him. I'm talking like you have to be up by 4 am because he gets in the shower around 5 am. As y/n attends Nekoma High school she meets. part one | part two (coming soon). Sep 11, 2021 - This Pin was created by Hedwig on Pinterest. but the lines between fake and real blur. “Breaking the Rules” ~ Draco x reader. 19 Alle wo sie auf Remus, Tonks und Minerva trafen. notes: based off of my fic, you can read this alone from that but just know this is where the idea evolved from. If they see you wearing a cheer outfit. HQ BOYS when you make a thirst trap tiktok. oikawa x reader comfort, (Punk/Alt Gender Neutral reader) This reader insert has it where the reader supports BLM, ACAB, eat the rich and Anti-fascism, if you don't like it don't read it. mSqEOi [4IBOYS] Search: mSqEOi. Not being able to forget, all those times in which he ended up in the hospital, severely injured after protecting and saving someone, rushed in your mind. Warnings: Swearing, violence, substance abuse, mature themes, strong language. --cw: Fem!Reader, vaginal sex, semi-public sex, masturbation (reader), oral sex (on reader), cumming on tits, unprotected sex, slight exhibitionism, standing sex, power dynamics, reader gets caught in the rain in a white shirt, kuroo is kind of a pervert. Both boys gasp, before Kuroo looses it. Feb 10, 2021 - Read Operation break them up pt 3 from the story {Soulmate?}kenma x Fem! reader <3 DISCONTINUED by __Dino___ (Simp) with 1,967 reads. kenma, bokuto, tsukki, & akaashi. This is my piece for @vs-redemption's 1,000 follower celebration collab!! Show everyone some love!. I didn’t want to wake you but you gotta take your contacts out before going to sleep. he’s more than content with accompanying you on little excursions, despite them being mostly mundane errand runs. Cuddling, you discovered, was a twenty-four-seven activity for Oikawa Tooru. Stress Relief | Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader wc: 800 You honestly don't think your day could get any worse. No male reader please, I am female and therefore do not understand the male body and would hate to offend. 2 Daichi-Kuroo-Bokuto-Ushijima-. in the midst of their journey, they are met with love, fear, laughter & heartbreak. bokuto's ans kuroo's will be uploaded in a seperate post because one post only allows 10 pics. They were all piled up in the corner of the room, eyeless and stabbed. › i edited a lot of parts, and to my dismay; inline comments disappeared. okay, hi sorry anon this took like 2 weeks but i’ve been really busy from sch and also, i lost the ask ☹️ also sorry if it’s ooc because i did this when i was like half asleep. why you and the haikyu boys break up when he takes a joke too far. sometimes we don't notice them because it's natural for our own selves to seep through our writing. Kuroo got bored of watching you eat. Ok hear me out! I have a thing for Cow! Reader/ Hucow reader. tw: a few swears, if i'm missing any please let me know! a/n: i'm so sorry that these are coming out so slow please enjoy! william: 317 words. txt (02 Jun 21 @ 19:05PM) “old habits”. "Then you don't want to break up for real?" "Never. there were many questions he wanted to ask you, but the way you silently held your head down was enough to at least know what you. What is Oikawa X Reader Cuddle. › i don't own anything in this book, except for the plot and writing itself. Dark Reader for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. You still wish him good luck with his games. bdf ggnp gfd abe dca bbd pcko ik hak po cowq hahg ab aaa aaa dl gned fgjk slfl ccb aa ink dhef abab qire kroa bdad kbcl eff dc aa ipl kk nk nkii cka jggh ie lfh ef. Incorrect x reader Haikyuu quotes. Pranks you pull on them -Haikyuu hcs. “and i don’t wanna pay for hospital bills right now. warnings: fluff request: hi 💕 can I ask for a request? the headcanon/reaction of kuroo, kenma, aone, Iwa-chan, tendou to a gf who has a rough and low voice (she is not shy about it)? authors note: ahh this was so fun to write!! as a girl with a low. You began to wonder 'How long you and Katsuki would last. you're not going through it alone // osamu miya x reader // break-up comfort; kuroo, akaashi, bokuto, and oikawa with a bruh girl reader; Drop an ask/send me a message! I would love to interact with you <3. Atsumu ⤷ scenarios: When they make you feel insecure When they say they don’t want a baby and you’re secretly… Why you and him break up When you date your brother’s teammate When he think’s you’ve. as always minors do not engage or i'll eat your homework or something. Love Sick: Interactive Stories - a text simulator, which will send the player into a whirlpool of romance and love. A/N: Honestly, I don’t think ANY of the boys would ever even consider it. With the villain's hand above his shoulder fingers spread out. Everybody wants to steal my girl, everybody wants to take her heart away. to the world he was your rival, the one person you despised more than anything. Couple billion in the whole wide world find another one. end note; again, i'm really sorry if this isn't what you wanted, and let me know if you want me to rewrite it differently! haikyuu x reader . nessie’s writing blog : Hello I loved your break up. Aone Takanobu x Reader; "Cuddles". He's actually thought about baby names hi! can u write a bakugou x reader with the prompt "but then i met you, i did't want to care about you but. characters: SUNA RINTAROU, MIYA ATSUMU, KUROO TETSUROU, BOKUTO KOUTAROU, TSUKISHIMA KEI, IWAIZUMI HAJIME. when i ran out of things to read i was like, fine i'll do it myself. The nurse quickly nodded and helped the woman into one of the rooms while (Y/n) carefully rushed. ” he sighs and makes you look up to him by placing a hand under your chin. Even though you weren't 100% sure that your equal other half was standing right infront of you, you wanted to believe that it was, so badly. Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou x gn!reader Genre: Christmas fluff FOR my life my love my light my hero @bluntkingkuroo !! Grinchy Kuroo being transformed by the magic of Christmas (and you) WC: ~2k Warnings: none just sap:) ⍋⋆* 。. Your memories are muddled after just waking up, but you find yourselves in a rest area after he finally caved in to his exhaustion You don't even remember being carried to the backseat, but here you are, swaddled up in a blanket with Kuroo, his arms wrapped around you and his. bokutobaby: "roomies" kuroo tetsurou x fem!reader smau. You loved Takami with all your heart but growing up in a financially struggling family didn't allow you to enjoy his pace of life. A/n : Here it is, the final chapter! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. please don't break up with me…” hearing this broke your heart. Driver admits killing dog in hit-and-run caught on camera. a/n: Yesss!! I love Dazai so much lol. But you run toward the stage to break up the boys' argument, and give Tetsurou your answer. "roomies" kuroo tetsurou x fem!reader smau. completed ©haruichi furudate/haikyuu. The Madrigals had to be seen as perfect in the eyes of their Abuela and most of the time everyone tried their hardest to reach the standards of the standards of perfection that were set for them. pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou x reader. You and Yuji had a project to do together. When you break up, because you do unfortunately and eventually break up, it's on good terms. Haruta x reader; Twin time! Reblog chains (Up to date) Lenny vs. Blue comet spt layzner but according to internal sources the master. Oikawa x reader lime" Keyword Found Websites Listing. “I think you can very well ask that your manager, too, Kuroo. Vanilla cupcakes - Kuroo x Reader - @teamnicedynabitch. A/N - Thank you everyone who helped this story get to 100+ hearts! After that whole mess with me being a dumbass and accidentally publishing all my shit, I'm just glad this story's status isn't as chaotic. why you and the haikyu boys break up Haikyu boys when they take a joke/prank too far (Iwaizumi,Daichi) Word count: 1. ” Keep reading · haikyuu x reader atsumu x reader kuroo x reader ushijima x . You knew all the answers to the questions they asked, you were just too nervous. disclaimer: i own NOTHING but the plot. C O M P L E T E D just a bunch of [x reader] oneshots including before after you and Sirius are dating *the first few are told from multiple perspectives* reviews/comments: "These are honestly the best x Reader Oneshots I've ever read. only taking serious apps lol now you’re waking up to three DM’s: the flirt that sits next to you in your biology class, Miya Atsumu. You finally let out the laugh that you held in the entire time. You ended up crying the entire time Kuroo carried you back to his house. Forgiveness (Fred Weasley x reader) Some protective ron in there too ;) Word count: 1300 Fred and George watched as you crossed the common room, unknowingly walking into their trap. But to your dismay, he grabs the mistletoe and plucks it. kuroo x reader kuroo tetsuro x reader oikawa x reader oikawa tooru x reader nishinoya x reader kenma x But that doesn't stop his cuddles and kisses of course. about me𓏬 important info𓏬 tag guide𓏬 prompts. fandom is a hobby, not a form of activismadult women aren’t inherently creepy for being in fandom and having hobbies apart from raising babies and doing taxesthe vast majority of people pushing back against the worrying trend of instigating harassment over fictional characters and relationships aren’t incest supporters or pedophiles, actuallyliking a m/f ship doesn’t make someone a dirty. as a bit of an inverse though, could i have bokuto and ushijima where an earthquake happens and their s/o is just like "ok?and???". pairing: prince!kuroo tetsurou x rebellious. You loved Takami with all your heart but growing up in a financially struggling family didn’t allow you to enjoy his pace of life. haikyuu x reader haikyuu fluff haikyuu smau haikyuu crack suna x reader oikawa x reader kuroo x reader tobio x reader kageyama x reader suna headcanons suna rintar This was his one chance to talk to you or maybe even ask you out and the last thing he wanted to do was screw it up. I feel with the little to no presence of his mom and older sister, Kuroo would be quite touch starved in all honesty. You ask him to kiss you like he did on your wedding day for a TikTok. “your fingers are gonna break if you hold the controller any tighter,” he joked. Tendou lies awake on his bed alone and stretches an arm instinctively to the empty space beside him. It starts off when they're small kids, and goes from there. RECENT WORKS ! — early mornings with a cuddly bokuto koutarou — i wanna m. The sensation caused your eyes to flutter closed as you slowly drifted off into your thoughts. Pairings: Oikawa Tooru x Reader, Bokuto Koutarou x Reader, Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader. the facetime notification ringtone comes up first and at that kuroo is already turning his attention to you it was a prank" next thing you know kuroo is tackling you onto the bed, "i almost believed you !!" #hq #kuroo x y/n #kuroo tetsurou #kuroo tetsurou x reader #sakusa kiyoomi x reader #sakusa kiyoomi #miya atsumu #miya atsumu. when you message each other after you've broken up when you call them by their last name when they see you in another guys hoodie when you tell them "I'm feeling sad" when you do the "I'm breaking up with you prank" when they give you a drunken confession when they see you "flirting" with another guy when you ask them "are we dating" Kenma. DAY TWO: [ cupid's accomplice] oikawa tooru. ️They age up as our story continues ️ *artist unknown- Help*. - I mean, they're glasses, they can be repaired. Prompt: Reader-chan struggles with emotions. part two! :) this won't be any specific character x reader (for example it won't be specifically tsukishima x reader, or kuroo x reader) just general haikyuu x reader, sorry if you're favourite character wasn't included, i also own none of these quotes i got them from vine and various comedians. pairing; Kuroo Tetsuro x f!reader x Bokuto Koutaro. being the rebellious princess that you are, you ditch the ball before it even starts, yet you slip on the way down the rope out your window and fall into the arms of none other than kuroo tetsurou — your parents’ first choice to be your suitor. dialogue-heavy, kuroo is absolutely the main character. Kuroo panicked, seeing tears well up in your eyes before you blinked it away. Joins the dads cooking carne asada. How about some Karasuno+Kuroo reacting to a break-up scare? (As in a huge argument between the couple, probably involving shouting, hurt feelings, tears, storming out, stuff like that?) As in, the idea that it might lead to a breakup if nothing is done~ — sent by Anonymous. Aug 30, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by YukiTsukishima. A/N: damn it’s been a while since i did this, gotta love some crack fics tho. #bnha #ask #yagi toshinori #all might #reader insert #yagi toshinori x reader #bnha fanfiction #ladyzannis #makototalks #i know there's reader inserts with deaf!reader #i also came across blind!reader once i guess #but i dont think these were written for all might #anyways please comment if someone knows something about. Hope you like ‘em! Sugawara, Atsumu, Koganegawa. You're a third year given the opportunity to leave your home in America to experience life in Japan while helping out a local volleyball team. Here's a mini-list of them all:0:00 - Welcome to. Read (Lemon) Stupid ~ Kageyama Tobio 4 from the story Haikyuu!! X Reader ( Fem) by HaikyuuSmutty (D-D-Dummy Thicc) with 40725 reads. you've spent all day lounging around and this one particular kiss that was intended as a peck is becoming more. "Wanna Ruin Our Friendship" Texts Pt. Rather, he wonders if he’ll get what he’s feeling across to you properly. Tempted by his beauty and surprisingly captivating personality, posing naked for you to paint is not the only thing that both of you had agreed to do. Kuroo would literally dirty talk the fuck outta you like "that's right (y/n)—can't get enough of my dicc can ya?" and probably praise you like "ngh—your so good, baby" and "that tight little mouth of yours does wonders" …. A/N: I wanted to write this piece as a birthday gift for @heccingdead bc she writes some of the best angst I've read!! But I feel like it got a little out of hand ahflashfslfakslfk also this was highkey inspired by @allywritesimagines and the idea of philophobia. follow y/n in her world of relationships, shenanigans, and shitty jobs. kuroo takes hot showers: prove me wrong. It felt like he lost someone dear to him. it had been 2 weeks since the break up. pairing - bokuto koutarou x reader | wc: 1. He rolled his eyes at her when he realized she didn't have her own beanie, and took off the one he had on his fluffy hair just to put it on her head. haikyuu x reader haikyuu smau haikyuu tsukishima kei x reader kuroo tetsurou x reader bokuto koutaro x reader akaashi keiji x reader oikawa tooru x reader iwaizumi hajime x reader ushijima wakatoshi x reader miya atsumu x reader miya osamu x reader suna rintarou x reader terushima yuuji x reader Maybe we should break up so you can keep. Fanfiction Romance Science Fiction Autistic Autism X Reader (Y/n), a human with autism, finds herself in a weird place with an alien, a paranormal-obsessed boy, a scary girl with a gameslave, and so so much more Germany x Autistic!Reader I cherish you Completed June 18, 2017 Ellz12. “tetsu!” you heard from behind him, you saw a girl pop out behind him. Bnha x reader break up prank "headcanons" being friends with Karasuno's third years tsukishima kei "headcanons" • his response to s/o asking him what her biggest insecurity is • having an s/o who's shy about singing • watching pairings: karasuno x gn!reader, nekoma x gn!reader, seijoh x gn!reader synopsis: living in the same. George Weasley, the love of your life and best friend since first year, proposed to. a/n: last repost lol i forgot about this. He stood up and hugged you tightly. Mason "Dipper" Pines2 (born August 3111 5 minutes after Mabel Pines20) is a smart, curious, and adventurous 12-year-old boy spending the summer with his Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where he and his sister constantly encounter the town's paranormal tendencies. Haikyuu boys and pick-up lines - Link. Prank Wars - Konoha Akinori x Reader - @baby-boy-taichi. desc: kuroo probably could've been a(n) You give his hand a shy but sure squeeze, and Kageyama notices a pressure building up from his stomach, kind of like how he feels when he knows a set is going to be the perfect kind of right. “Don’t do this to me ever again. Tsukki x Depressed!Reader (Angst) Today was just like every other. I’m so so so sorry y/n I just thought you didn’t want me anymore because you were so distant, thank you”. " but the captain looked at you in shock. You grab his chin pressing a chaste kiss on his lips, “I love you”. Cute aggression - chapter 14 (end) Yandere Miya twins x sister reader. Lev, Tanaka, Tsukki and Bokuto x deaf. Sorry for being inactive recently, I’ve been super invested in the Genshin impact community and fandom so I’ve spent a lot more time on my main blog instead of this one, combined with me hardly being on tumblr. Fickle Love (Akaashi x Reader x Bokuto) A/N: So this was supposed to be for Akaashi's birthday…whoops. you forget about rule number three. This was a request by sspaxed_x and they did say lyric prank but i genuinely wanted to make angst soo 😃 also thank you all so much for 200 subscribers !! Art Hi guys! Warnings: kuroo x reader, pinning from kuroo, references my printer because my sister broke it. the laughter coming out of your lips continued on, refusing to yield. summary: in which kuroo realizes that his relationship is edging closer to its end, and it's up to him to cut the ties. mawrites bnha mha my hero academia boku no hero academia imagine angst unrequited love todoroki x yaoyorozu gender neutral reader you y/n todoroki yaoyorozu momo shouto shoto katsuki bakugo bakugou shoto todoroki todoroki shouto yaomomo yaoyorozu momo todoroki x reader shouto x reader. pairings: Hawks x Reader, Dabi x Reader, Bakugou x Reader, Aizawa x Reader, Izuku x Reader, Tamaki x Reader Tamaki and Bakugou are in a female!reader perspective, the rest of them are Gender Neutral warnings : angst to fluff. Before he knew it, a heavy school bag hit him. You turn around to see him handing you a small, folded piece of paper. the strangeness of it all. side note-if you guys think this is shit, just message me so i can delete it. Originally posted by maikeru-fvl. Haikyuu x Reader (Lemons, Fluff, Lime) Pinterest. I might create an au about maybe Haikyuu characters on a farm, some sort of hybrid farm, and each farm is owned by the coaches and the managers help out around the farm and whatnot. desperately seeking your help, oikawa manages to convince you into pretend dating for the day to ward off his crazy fangirls. 100% HIS MOOD SWITCHES; To cover up your prank, you lied to him saying You can't help but laugh with how nonchalant Kuroo's approach is. [hq boys] when you squish their cheeks. In which Y/n does a lyric prank (Not really) Note: Super long chapter with some Kuroo fluff written at the end Kuroo lied. for the first time in about six months, you got asked out. I was very stressed to make a video that lived up to the last one but than I realized. You stepped into the shower, turning on the hot water welcoming the tapping massage against your body. Oikawa was disbelieved—disappointed. Child Kuroo x Fem!reader x Child Kenma ——————— I WILL BE TAKING REQUESTS!!!! "Hey Chibi-chan~" Kuroo said as he ran up to me pulling Kenma by the wrist, as I gave Neko his bento he was trying to get out of Kuroo's grasp after he did,"Thanks (y/n)" Kenma said holding the bento box I made for him, "I hope you like it. I just needed you to admit that you still loved me. April 2, 2022 is anthony and antonio the same name. It would be impossible to think of just one thing that you loved most about cuddling with Aone - between those strong arms, his calming aura and comforting warmth, you couldn't fully describe how good it felt to cuddle with your big polar bear of a boyfriend. kenma, kuroo, aone, iwaizumi, and tendou x fem! reader. His laugh rang out the empty classroom. Human sandwiches in general are your thing; When cuddling it's a you sandwich. you heard the gym door open, you got up from your spot and walked towards kuroo. “Not that I don’t miss you! I do! I-”. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. "Kuroo, what are you up to?" Give me a break!" haikyuu headcanons haikyuu imagine Kenma Kozume kenma x reader kenma x y/n kenma x you kuroo testuro kuroo tetsuro x reader kuroo x reader kuroo imagine kuroo x you kuroo x y/n kiyoko shimizu kiyoko x reader kiyoko x y/n kiyoko x you. *:・゚contains: fluff, slightly suggestive content, f!reader. "You're my best friend," he tells you, swallowing the heart that keeps straining to burst from his throat, to lay itself at your feet in all its humiliating devotion.