bottom azula fanfic. Her first appearance has her poisoned and bleeding in a back alley, wearing only a tattered "ninja. Embers can be divided into twelve major story arcs:. See what Azula (Effieglasss) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. The assembly sat on the floor a foot inside Azula's range. If you haven't already read it, you really should. Aang pulled Azula on top of him putting his tongue inside her core, licking her moist flesh. In this version Zuko and Azula …. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. With exceeding skills, L korra; wattys2019; toph +17 more # 10 "I Needed Her First. Azula felt Zuko shudder and tremors wracked him as he called out her name raggedly against her neck and she was lost. It's really good, lots of detail on how Azula acts as Ozai's heir as well as how her view of the fire nation changes. Burning Twice As Bright (ATLA Azula SI). When Azula tried to pull away, Aang grabbed a fistfull of her sleek, dark hair and kissed her again for what seemed like several minutes; His other hand wandered downward and grasped her bottom "I missed you. feel free to check out my fanfic(s). Princess Azula steps forward into the moonlight with her hands raised. Katara hates Azula Sozin and doesn't realize Azula and Aang are dating. Chapter 10: Team Azula A week later, I met with Princess Azula. Banishing her servants, Lo, and Li displayed a clear violation of rights. Initially, Sokka did not embrace Aang as quickly as his sister did. The story of the And humans are at the bottom …. An Azula fanfic to help you see from her side of the story. Azula was currently looking at him with her bottom lip stuck out. A firebending prodigy, the Fire Lord's daughter has accomplished many things, including the conquest of Ba Sing Se. The day after the play Aang, and Zuko are practicing firebendimg together while Y/n and Azula are doing the same thing 10. when is kohl's associate 35 discount 2021; 2021 ram 1500 classic vs new body style Mar 10, 2020 · Dabi bnha mha dabi x reader alpha dabi omega reader omegaverse a/b/o dynamics mha fanfiction bnha fanfiction dabi is sweet female reader fanfiction writer anime fanfiction …. Azula roared as she charged but tripped over a branch and bumped her head, knocking the Fire Nation princess out cold. She begins the lightning ritual. Slow circles gradually increased to a back and forth motion that flicked over the clit fiercely, until her body was pounding backwards, making Ty Lee slam her roughly. Azula was in a pretty bad shape after Avatar: The Last Airbender ended. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth Doing The Thing for here. Looking up at the retreating gondola, Azula suddenly snatches a pair of handcuffs from a guard's belt and runs forward. Luckily for Azula, redemption is a lot like honor, though. Marry the Night - Oneshot, alternate take on "The Beach" ending. Even mai and ty lee matter more than suki and have more of a backstory to pull a solo comic from. Azula's bare bottom demanded attention so she brought took her in hand. Azula laughed, tracing Jin's sticky bottom lip with the pad of her thumb. Azula takes a long deep breath in, then exhales her grief. Net, though that version has been discontinued as of June 14, 2021 due to the author's preference for posting. He gazed in wonder at her chest and erect nipples, he gave one a squeeze and Katara gasped. I posted this as a joke and am cursed with every new addition. You howl at it, your rage and confusion at this new everything taking voice in a choked and shrill wail. No name recommendations will be Zapped!. >No where does Iroh ever state that everyone deserves a second chance. If you're under 18 it's time to hit the back button. I'll Meet You at the Bottom (FFN, AO3) 187k, Complete. Azula and Dabi shouted in unison as Azula began to wave her arms around, calling more lighting from the sky and shooting bolt after bolt at Dabi's attack. Summary: Iroh insists they create a new life and identity in Ba Sing Se. Bodyguard of Azula Chapter 1: Shipwrecked. A fireball brushes past Katara's face, narrowly missing her and scorching her robe. Search: Avatar The Last Airbender Fanfiction Zuko Burned. Azula has never met her father. avatar zuko katara aang avatarthelastairbender sokka atla toph azula korra airbender iroh firebender legendofkorra waterbender suki lok firenation fanfiction +3 more # 2. While evil can be chaotic, some things about this character don't make sense. [id: a drawing of zuko and sokka from avatar the last airbender. The Shadowbender Book 1 ( Avatar Last Airbender FanFic/ Zuko Romance) Fanfiction. Three years, a water tribe raid, and an unexpected meeting with a gang of over-enthusiastic idealistic children puts Zuko back in the spotlight. His hand left than came back setting a straw inside the greenish blue liquid. That final battle was so emotional with the music. At the end of the series, she is left sobbing after being captured by Katara and screaming in defeat. Her heart was fluttering and pounding like a caged bird. She paced around the living room anxiously, chewing her bottom …. ' Hopefully we can make him change that stupid outfit. The hottest pornstars and MILFs with Big Tits. mai choosing zuko over azula is entirely about azula’s character arc and absolutely has nothing to do, narratively with her and zuko’s actual relationship i’m sorry it’s true. She quickly spanks it, rapid-fire blows that while much slower than what she was previously capable of, still come hot and fast, leaving Mai's bottom no longer pale, but instead. Great lines of gold-gilded pillars line each side of the room, separating different factions of the court. Azula must remain a villain or at the very least, morally ambiguous and self-serving without remorse for her actions. This is my Archive of Our Own Page. I breathed in a huge amount of air, hearing Azula do the same. The round part at the bottom goes around the base of the topknot, and the pin goes higher up through the hair to hold it in place. Iroh makes the mistake of praying to Yue, and Zuko and Katara work together to save Iroh after Azula's attack, causing the Gaang to question what they know . He wore another jacket over the first that was dark green in color and had the hood up, covering the top of his head. Azula was still the same unpleasant person she always had been. Genre - Romance, adventure, fantasy, drama. Azula is a complex, conflicted character that many Avatar fans have come to empathize with. A fic I co-wrote back 2007 that I thought disappeared off the This by far wasn't the first time he'd hit the bottom of the Valley of the . Get rid of Zuko, Defeat his brother and niece, Convinced the Gaang that he wants the war to end. He seemed skeptical of Aang's powers, and occasionally …. The world is cold and harsh and bites against your tender, wet skin. (Zuko Fanfic ATLA) March 17, 2016 Jasmine. Azula retorted without allowing her brother's less than accommodating words to faze her in the slightest. Characters: Zuko, Azula, Iroh, Lu Ten, Ursa, Ozai, Azulon. Fanfiction Romance Avatar The Last Airbender Avatar Aang Zuko Katara Toph Sokka Oc Azula Tylee Mai Water Earth Fire Air. In big, bold letters on a zoomed out backdrop of Nicktopolis on this darkening yet otherwise festive night, it reads, "NICKTOONS: THE KNIGHTS OF AZULA". Her paranoia and narcissism evolved into a full-blown mental breakdown even after she was named Fire Lord by her father, Ozai. avatar last airbender fanfiction archive fanfiction. In order not to run anyone over, she ungracefully fell to her side and tumbled to a stop at the bottom …. The set clattered to the floor jangling all the way down, alerting the stranger of his presence. Azula Is Not A Sadist Nor A Killer And She Can Be Redeemed. Ficwriter Jet's FanFiction Disclaimer: I don't own any of the tv shows or movies that I write about, and I don't make any money from fanfiction. Discover more posts about azula+fanfiction. She is the daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and the sister of Zuko. Sasuke's was a "i'm going to fucking murder you. She had never seen her do something like that before. Read Azula from the story Inner Fire - ATLA fanfic by BookLover905 with 380 reads. Raised without the love of her mother and under the equally sadistic eye of her father, Azula's mental instabilities pushed her to become a firebending prodigy. Each stroke held passion and love. She was standing behind Azula in the mirror and kissed her cheek. bottom saiki wattpad的解答,在YOUTUBE、PINTEREST和這樣回答,找bottom . Azula's bodyguard, who only cares for four people - not …. Zuko watched as his father finally turned to look at him again. Aang adlı 12 yaşındaki (Buz dağında 100 yıl donarak kalması düşünülünce 112In the series Avatar The Last Airbender, royal Fire Nation siblings Prince Zuko and Princess Azula are fated enemies, bitter to the end, his righteous perseverance constantly at war with her cunning strategic mind, all fueled by Azula…. Soon after, he is shipwrecked on Ember island and is saved by Azula. Towards the Sun by MuffinLance is an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic exploring a For Want of a Nail Season Four "Zuko never joined the Gaang, and he's really bad at being good" AU. It was exceptionally drawn, clearly by someone of much talent. Aug 06, 2008 · That's an interesting theory that would make for some good fanfiction, but Azula went insane because she thought she didn't have her mother's love. Since Sokka didn't use a password, Azula was able to unlock Sokka's phone. The blonde-haired girl questioned in an eager tone while gazing up at her gratified princess with a devoted demeanor. I'm just kidding XD) * * * * I don't require …. So no Shounen protagonist power-up gamer. Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed writing, and this is what I wish to do for a living (yeah, if you're thinking I'm bound to starve to death and live under a bridge in a few years, I'm not going to deny that I might… but I'm not in this for the money), but up until four years ago I only wrote original. Author's note: This chapter is set at the Western Air Temple during the events of the episode "The Firebending Masters" (S3 E13), when Aang and Zuko search for the Sun Warrior ruins to learn about the original methods of firebending. Zuko, a Fire Bender, gained a facial scar courtesy of his father, one that persists throughout his life in the Avatar story. Azula sniffled, the tears still falling rapidly. Branded as a traitor and banished to a prison camp, Zuko learns how cruel the Fire Nation can be to its citizens. Blood Matters by HeretoWriteandFight. Read to know about the princess of the Fire Nation in her journey ahead. fanfiction, zuko avatar the last airbender the legend of korra, the 20 best avatar the last airbender quotes tv, avatar the last airbender the path of zuko free download, zuko wikipedia, avatar the last airbender season 4 was sidelined for movieavatar the last airbender zuko vs azula full fight. Avatar: The Last Airbender Spanking FanFic. Azula briefly wonders if the world knows their savior has a demanding side. Title : Like Daddy Length :Ficlet. Follows on in the aftermath of canon and is fairly canon compliant with a few artistic . It can be primarily be read here on Archive of Our Own. I've read a crossover fic where Azula gets frozen and ends up in the time of Korra (it's Azula/Korra, though the romance isn't very good). While at the bottom was the sandy beach, small specks of what she assumed were people dotted the edges. Princess Azula is one of the main antagonists on Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or The Last Airbender. (Yandere! Avatar: The last air bender x reader) Just short horror stories between you and certain fictional characters. She could look ominously cute when she wanted to. The man smiled, and Zuko did not flinch…even if his heart did skip a beat. She gathered up a thick tendril of water from the. Author's note: This chapter is set at the Western Air Temple during the events of the episode "The Firebending Masters" (S3 E13), when Aang and Zuko search …. Zuko shouts his reply, “Your tricks aren’t going to work on me, Azula! I’ve changed, I’m no longer that scared kid trying to catch up to his sister, the so called, Fire bending prodigy. Flipping Mai over, Azula pulls the other girl's hair back, forcing her to arch her back, even as she flips up the back of Mai's dress as well, exposing her pale bottom. Sokka pulled out the pin and threaded it through a small hole in each of the flame pieces. While Zuko was closer with their kindly mother Ursa and uncle Iroh in personality, Azula had more in common with their cruel father. '" Good morning Naruto, how fairs your. Azula is one of the main antagonists of the Avatar franchise. It was the morning of the wedding day, and she was already about to pass out. "Wow…that was easy!" Said Aang. Azula had never seen anyone so beautiful. Azula: I have realized that Aang is much more likely to do something if it is for charity, and that he doesn’t always know what the charity is, or what it’s for, or any detail at all really. Sokka: bad news: our boss locked the keys inside the building. Azula frowned, why was there a painting in her room. She leveled her head evenly and tried to think about her. Avatar: Combustion: Zuko and Azula find Aang in the Fire Nation instead of Sokka and Katara in the Southern Water Tribe. (Fic written for the Rare Pair Prompt: Anxiety) Series. She stood just barely a few feet away from him, her hands defiantly set upon her hips and a smug look of satisfaction plastered across her face, as if she had already won the battle to come and knew it. I got up and looked at Zuko who was faced down on his stomach groaning in pain. Does Anyone have good fanfiction recommendations for Azula, my little heart can’t take her being sad after the re watch. Discussion, fanart, cosplay, and fanfiction …. That Notebook I Found at the Old Bottom. They always stood by each other like good friends should. Turtleducks - Oneshot, young!Azula. They lined her arms and her legs. Yes, Ozai nodded to himself as plans started piecing together in his mind, he would make Zuko the smoke to Azula's flame. He sinks into her just so but he also removes his hands from her ass. I just read @ultranos 's work and was completely enamored with their work that I just had to make some art. This article is about the character. Avatar: The Last Airbender ended with Azula's fate unclear. Then I started to write a post-series story with an Azula redemption arc, . Even though Azula is a princess and any girl would wanna be friends with a princess, these two were her only friends. Perhaps that's why people had stop coming up to check on her. She locks her legs around his back and pushes herself up to grind against him. Airbender The Fanfiction Zuko Last Burned Avatar. Apparently Rock Bottom Has A Basement Pinned Post avatar: tla avatar fanart princess azula azula fanart ao3 fanfic fanart avatar the . Zuko has them, but his grandfather burned them off because they "make you weak. An amazing azula fanfic : Azula. Her lyrics shot him in the heart in the best …. "Then I'll show you," Crya whispered, grabbing Azula's face and pulling her in ---------- This fanfic is meant to go alongside ATLA, essentially filling in the spaces between Azula's appearances This is purely fanfiction using characters from Avatar the Last Airbender, i do not claim ownership over the characters and am just borrowing them. The effect was the same every time. Azula's bottom limp trembled and her eyes held a fear too intense for . Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed writing, and this is what I wish to do for …. Follows the adventures of Aang, a …. She tried to get up but barely could sit still without feeling as if the walls were tilting. Ignoring the way he sucks at her bottom lip. You felt it go against your entire body as you were in the most erotic situation in the world. Chapter 3: Omashu and Painful Reunions "Talking" "Thinking" "Bijū/spirit talking" …. The Gaang is displeased to learn the truth but doesn't trust Azula…. From the very first episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko was a character that intrigued us. Months later, Azula and her family ate together at the palace dining hall. In retaliation for telling on her, the Fire Nation princess burned Zuko's bottom, calling him a tattletale. Aang was able to evade Bumi with just airbending. I don't think I've ever read a Sokkla fic yet. Azula is definitely not the age you assumed. The Fire Nation has been defeated but peace seems like a far-off dream complicated by the need for …. Easily the most fearsome enemy in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula …. Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago. Azula took his hand from the washbasin and pressed the cold cloth into his palm and fingers. She may not have a fanbase as large as characters like Zuko, Sokka, Toph, or Iroh. Also, her bathing suit bottom …. Nicktoons: The Knights of Azula Chapter 5 by. Adventure Fanfiction Romance Avatar Mai Aang Katara Sokka Azula Zuko Toph Avatar The Last Airbender Ty Lee The Last Airbender Atla Suki (Y/n) woke up …. Azula/Suki (Avatar) - Works | Archive of Our …. She finally stopped when her butt was a lovely shade of hot pink. meanwhile, Zuko just wants his uncle to feel better and for adults to stop being so confusing. She was the princess of the Fire Nation; her age and height, at the time, shouldn’t have been a factor in her title. Azula felt victory thrum through her body, almost stronger than the vibrations of lightning through her chi. Apparently going out all night, …. Azula:Y/n in order to create blue fire you need to intensify the fire without losing control of. The story takes place three years after the canonical end of the show, and …. Fanfics com a tag Scaramouche!bottom. " The Fire Within Us (ATLA Fanfic…. After some time of travel, your enemies defeated Azula at the capital. Azula flushes just thinking about it. He should kill her right now and be done with it. Seventeen year-old Y/n L/n never had much of anything in his life. Azula screamed as the flames scorched her. When analyzing Azula and Ursa’s relationship I think it’s important to remember that we know much less about how they …. He looked up at her and she was blushing. Priorities, Chapter 1 This is a draft, which I will likely publish as a chapter-less fic on AO3, and is therefore subject to change. Today in Minecraft Cody survives 100 Days in Avatar the Last Airbender! This mod pack recreates the amazing …. A soft sigh left her lips as Jin's tongue ran along the underside of her cock, bobbing her head as best as she could in her position to take. And before she knew it, the tsunami of flames crashed down upon her. I looked at the chain and Azula …. The Main Character will be smart. Only to run as their only option, to run fro zuko. h | they/them | 23 bi, trans, vibin i write things *this is a side-blog, i follow from geophytes*. With Azula still on the loose and more dangerous than ever, Zuko decides to enlist the help of an old friend to take care of her once and for all, with a power not even Azula can fight. Azula angrily turned, "And who do you think you—" She paused when she saw the girl before her. The day had not gone according to plan for Azula so. He took a basic stance and shot a fist out and my epic speech, of course, inspired a maelstrom of fiery power that burnt the object of our …. The Last Airbender Yandere | Reader | Romance Thriller Love Avatar Aang Sokka Azula Zuko Toph Atla Lgbtq. Sokkla Week 2013: a single story spanning seven installments, written for Sokkla Week 2013, derived from a what-if scenario where Sokka and Azula grow . I'll Meet You at the Bottom ( FFN, AO3) 187k, Complete. zuko is to the left and has his hand …. Name: Azula Nickname: Azu Meaning: Great courage and wisdom. She was voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also voiced Asajj Ventress in Star Wars: Clone Wars, Mandy in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the High Priestess in Samurai Jack. Geralt’s leather armor isn’t going to hurt him a bit, and the exaggerated muscle sculpturing IS 100% a hilarious design choi. " Katara kicks up a cloud of dust with a sharp cry, then ducks behind a boulder. Otherwise, some of my favorite Azula-centric fics are as follows: The Princess and the Dragon - Miniseries exploring Azula and Ursa's troubled relationship. After a few minutes, he calmed down and let the pond return to its calm, clear state. Katara is instructing Sokka on how to tie up the unconscious Azula w/ chains. Azula Fanfic Idea: Azula conquered Ba Sing Se for Lu Ten Azula had a closer relationship with Lu Ten than in canon. at Janthee everyday is #humpday 😍 keep it cheeky with us! shop our Brazilian style bottoms at www. Blue sparks bloomed between them, belly and breast, thigh and back, heart and soul as she contracted and rippled around him, gasping for breath as she felt utterly, heatedly overwhelmed. Implied Zutara (No Zuko) Summary. I just read @ultranos ’s work and was completely enamored with their work that I just had to make some art. Which she did, feverishly accepting this embrace. The herd was created by her father, which she later found was named Rigel. ” Zuko takes a deep breath and reaches the bottom …. When Zuko and Katara arrived to challenge Azula’s claim to the Fire Nation throne, they found the usually calm and calculating firebender deep in. Age: 6 years Breed: Mixed Appaloosa x Mustang x Palomino. Azula might play second fiddle to her father in the villain department, but her shameless violence and blatant disregard for other people's happiness make her a scary adversary. The Concubine's Apprentice (an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction Zuko x OC) Azula shrieked and pulled her hand away frantically as if she was being burned. While at the bottom was the sandy beach, small specks of what she assumed were people dotted . These are recommendations made by Tropers for The Legend of Korra fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. #the pending redemption so many of us want #so #now that bryke said officially that she could indeed heal #and ehasz confirmed he wanted to WRITE THIS #can we finally accept that Azula CAN have a redemption arc in fanfiction or anywhere fans want it #seeing as even official sources confirm it as a possibility? #can. She quickly regained her composure, not to be seen as weak in front of these peasants. Ursa shook her head in regret and attempts to reach for the girl but Azula stepped back. The Big List of Recommended Fanfics | RPGnet Forums. #the pending redemption so many of us want #so #now that bryke said officially that she could indeed heal #and ehasz confirmed he wanted to WRITE THIS #can we finally accept that Azula CAN have a redemption arc in fanfiction …. She gets to stay with the Sakamaki's, not knowing what …. They crawled up from the bottom of her waist to the base of her neck, . In big, bold letters on a zoomed out backdrop of Nicktopolis on this darkening yet otherwise festive night, it reads, “NICKTOONS: THE KNIGHTS OF AZULA”. At the time, Ty Lee didn't think much of Mai's quietness, but after three days of it, it was creeping Ty Lee out. (Preferably with Ty lee as the main love interest)) 11 comments. How I Became Yours (Webcomic). Additional Tags: Deaf Character, Deaf!Zuko, Sign Language, Selectively Mute Character, Redeemed!Jet, Jet and Zuko are best friends, Badass Azula (Avatar), Azula plots a coup, Mai and Ty Lee are along for the ride, Azula is spiteful, Azula …. It wasn’t just Azula’s looks that drew Sokka to the singer, in fact, it wasn’t really her looks at all. I Became the Wife of the Male Lead. The two members of the Fire Kingdom royal family stood together in the great hallway of the palace. "Hey Azula, what are you thinking about?" Ty Lee asked, noticing that her friend was staring into space. Freedom & Power — Aang: Do you take constructive criticism. Series: Part 1 of the Blue Spirit and the Warrior. Chapter 26: Going South (Part 2) As soon as the breakfast bar was open, the friends rushed to the buffet line and started filling their plates. Scowling about this treatment, Azula …. Finally, humiliated beyond belief, she bows her head and, sniffling, submits to her punishment. I've seen it commonly argued that Azula is a sadist and a killer and I …. These stories are for people 18 years of age and older. With this she goes to the only people she trusts (trusts are too useless to be involved, that is): her brother and uncle, who have been looking for the Avatar for years. You couldn't deny it as you grew a boner. Cheating crush x reader lemon. Azula, full of pain, frowned and did what she wanted to do, and firebended with her mouth and …. Title - The Princess and the Peasant - (An Azula Epic) Rating – T for the earlier chapters, M material in the form of graphic violence later on. Does anyone have any recommendations for “Azula redemption arc” fanfics or anything regarding Azula being humanized/falling in love? Question. Armário escrita por queeneclipsa Concluído Capítulos 1 …. I'm even doing A4 a favor by putting him against blind Itachi for the …. I'm just kidding XD) * * * * I …. -Conflict between Ozai and Azula …. She also needs help to handle her control and perfection obsessions and let go, learn to love, and learn the value of freedom. It's frame was also broken, as if something had struck it. Lust Chapter 25: Aang x Azula, an avatar. You didn't want to have it, but you couldn't deny yourself. The melodious hymn of the Guru’s voice resonates through Azula’s mind, “Your loss is reborn in the form of new love. Red, a 5 year old girl, was saved by Reiji from a group of bullies. ) After opening up Sokka's Avatar app, Azula pulled out a redemption code in her wallet she had gotten from the bottom of a Fire Nation-O's Cereal. RPGnet stands with Black Americans in the fight for rights, safety, and justice. Suki is at the bottom of the list for named female characters of importance. For other similar uses, see Zuko (disambiguation). She flipped forward, casting two fireballs back at her little sister. Facade - Oneshot, highschool AU. The second child and only daughter of Fire Lord Ozai, Azula is the sadistic princess of the Fire Nation. She is the younger sister of Zuko, the daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and his wife, Ursa, and the primary antagonist of Team Avatar in Books Two and Three. Ty Lee steadied her with her hands, pressing her palms into Azula's inner thighs. For almost two decades Azula has fought. Zuko:You need to be more aggressive Aang, you need to be as fearsome as fire itself! You control it! It doesn't control you! +. Towards the Sun by MuffinLance is an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic exploring a For Want of a Nail Season Four "Zuko never joined the Gaang, …. Discussion, fanart, cosplay, and fanfiction that …. Introduced in the final moments of the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, she spent the majority of the second season chasing down. Looking around the room he found a large enough sack and moved to disrobe Azula; for conveniences sake he would need to keep her clothes around to "change into" in order to avoid suspicion. Some splayed themselves across her belly, and they only seemed to . Avatar wedgies!: More Spankings!. Additional Tags: Deaf Character, Deaf!Zuko, Sign Language, Selectively Mute Character, Redeemed!Jet, Jet and Zuko are best friends, Badass Azula (Avatar), Azula plots a coup, Mai and Ty Lee are along for the ride, Azula is spiteful, Azula loves her brother more than she fears Ozai, Iroh (Avatar) is a Good Uncle, Iroh (Avatar) loves Tea, Iroh. Follows on in the aftermath of canon and is fairly canon compliant with a few artistic liberties. Mai was oddly quieter than usual; she had been since the other day after she, Azula, and Ty Lee had their fun on the balcony. I also know the pain of loving a fanfic series that has vanished into the aether, one of them being a series that continued the events of …. But she was not yet at the height of pleasure. She felt Zuko's hand up on her stomach, touch her breasts and grasped slightly her throat. You flew into an obedient rage and defeated the water tribe girl and the fallen prince, rescuing Azula and running into the wilderness, Azula unconscious in your giant arms. While Zuko played Pai Sho and played music with Iroh, Azula …. A subreddit for the discussion, worship, and ogling of Her Highness Firelord Azula, first of her name, descendant of Agni, conqueror of Ba Sing Se, slayer of the Avatar, and firebending prodigy. Read Chapter 1: Azula's 10th Birthday from the story The Concubine's Apprentice (an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction Zuko x OC) by TheGreatestConWoman wit. The Return of the Flames - Mai e Zuko escrita por …. Zutara Scribbles — Azula was a war criminal and a facist. Azula's Return Chapter 1, an Avatar: Last Airbender + Mass Effect. “You’ve sealed your dooms,” Azula …. That was when a freshly washed foot was shoved in her line of vision once more all the while she gazed at it with transfixed eyes. She came back to reality when she heard the acrobat's voice. Azula, forced Mai to stand up straight, then stepped back dragging Mai with her. Azula was drowned two miles out of Ba Sing Se on dry land, barely catching sight of blue clothes fighting amongst red. Azula noticed the look of panic and terror on her brother's face and cracked a smile, she could practically smell the regret steaming from him and knew full well just how fragile his resolve was. In retaliation for telling on her, the Fire Nation princess burned Zuko's bottom…. Azula woke to a headache, sharp in her head like an icicle lodged in her brain. She sent a strike of lightning at the peasant who filled her lungs. He wore a dark jacket with a high collar that was upturned, blocking the bottom half of his face. Yagami yato patreon free access. nos answers things Anonymous atla smallest nail au azula …. This was seen when she tries to get Ty-Lee to join her team. When Water And Fire Collided (Zutara Fanfic). as far as Minato goes, he just use S/T barrier and shits on it. And since this pic is supposed to be a take on a dunking tank, i figure it made the most sense for Azula to have it on here. Personal Info - Just in case anyone wants to know. Azula cried out behind the make shift gag as each swing got harder. She was still a dangerous individual though, and a threat to not only the Fire Nation but also the world. ↑ Top Next Chapter → Comments (16). What if Zuko convinced Azula that what she's doing is wrong, being feared and powerful can only destroy her from the inside. Avatar Spirit Media - Transcript Azula …. Firebender Azula and Airbender Aang (in his Season 1 outfit) each include powerful bending effects pieces, and Aang even includes his …. "I think it's a royal hair ornament. Writing fanfiction has become a very important part of my life. Synopsis: A Crack Fic superhero AU, in which Tommy is a handsome, charming and overall incredibly cool vigilante, and Phil, …. * POEM * Roses are blue Violets are reds I love active readers, but I love Kris Wu more :D (Please dont' take it seriously. To do a trilogy of female focused comics and make one for SUKI of all people instead of Azula? You must be kidding me right? It’s so deliberate and.