aau powerlifting records. AAU Feats of Strength Worlds - November 2019. The USA Powerlifting National Office has implemented new records policies. She wrote on Facebook: "My 15th and LAST World Record. AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION Powerlifting Record Certificate Application Download this application and fill out one form for each record you have attained. Join the more than 700,000 members and compete in one of our 35 sport programs across the nation today. Come lift not only in weightlifting , but come try some different events as well. The 2019 AAU Junior Olympic Games are through their first three days of competition here in Greensboro, North Carolina. Sport Specific Questions: Contact Powerlifting Director Katey Dodge at [email protected] The AAU encourages RAW (Belt Only) lifting and Nebraska AAU is . She also finished first in her weight class. He went on to revive the AAU in the state of Nebraska in 2004. 148 582 Jonathan Garcia USA 11/21/20 USAPL. The Powerlifting saw 13 World Records shattered between its three events of squat, bench and deadlift. USA Powerlifting used the same weight classes as Olympic lifting (123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, HWT). In 1965 at the York meet he placed third with a total of 1185 pounds. Welcome to the Nebraska AAU Website. 275 560 Joe Ladnier SPF 11/15/14. 2006 Robert Gray - novice men/242 - 300. 148 380 Tony Conyers USA RAWU 07/18/15. Fabulous 2,000 room Hotel Casino on the Colorado River just 1 hr south of Las Vegas. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery Questions:. 220 730 Jesse Kellum USA 2010 PRPA. 5/2/2015 Spring Power Challenge Push-Pull. We look forward to working with many more high schools in the future. 2016 USA Powerlifting Alaska State Fair Challenge, August 25, 2016, Palmer, Alaska. Weightlifter Ray Fougnier recently set multiple world records at the 2019 Amateur Athletic Union Powerlifting World Championships, continuing to win medals and stun audience members. 132 264 Jonathan Gabriel ADFPF 04/30/11. The now 76-year-old set 10 world records and carried home the Best Lifter Award at the 2019 event which was held in Laughlin, Nevada Sept. 76-year-old AAU Member Sets 10 New Weightlifting World Records at AAU Powerlifting World Championships Weightlifter Ray Fougnier recently set multiple world records at the 2019 Amateur Athletic Union Powerlifting World Championships, continuing to win medals and stun audience members. in the international sports federations. He returned to lifting during the mid-1990’s to alleviate some back issues. 5 SW Las Vegas NV 10/7/2012 X X. Fougnier has been competing at the AAU North American and World Powerlifting Championships for four years; each time setting new records. , he set an AAU national and world bench press record in his very first competition, the 2009 Junior Olympic Games in Des Moines, Iowa. Orchard Powerlifting Meet - Orchard - April 17. Collins placed second at the National AAU Meet 1966. NORTH CAROLINA STATE DEADLIFT RECORDS. Leave this field empty if you're human: World Powerlifting 2019 | All Rights Reserved. For example, BAWLA held meets for one handed deadlifts, Whereas the AAU and BAWLA welcomed Olympic and powerlifting feats, . Jon Frederic Cole (April 1, 1943 - January 10, 2013) was a powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter and strongman from the United States. Since that time, Nebraska has become one of the top 5 states in terms of AAU powerlifting members along with the reputation for the best run meets in the area. World Raw Powerlifting Federation for North and South America. Fougnier, a member of the Oneida Indian Nation, won the 70-74 age division and now qualifies for the AAU World Powerlifting Championships . Bench (Full Power) Class Rank Lifter Bench Date Fed; 53: 1: Andrzej Stanaszek: 177. Moreover, a larger award was achieved when a Marine broke the A. John Kuc is a former world champion powerlifter from the United States. 27, 2022, at the 2022 IPA Pennsylvania Disabled State Powerlifting Championships, he successfully locked out 599 kg (1,320 lb), beating the previous record by more than 86 kg (190 lb). In the squat, 900 would first succumb in 1972 compliments of either John Kuc or Jon Cole (depends on whose side you want to take) and we would have Joe-Joe White’s close miss with 1,000 lbs in. Follow the links to view the State records. The State Chair now maintains state records, except the special . The WPA is one of the largest International Powerlifting Organizations in the world consisting of over 60 nations. To become a member of APA Powerlifting, please fill out the membership application below. IPF Masters World Powerlifting Championships Men & Women Udaipur, India: Certificate: Add video-82. over 380 AAU American and World records. International and United States Records. 2020 USA Powerlifting WI State Championship Registration November 1, 2019; 2020 USA Powerlifting Wisconsin state Championship September 15, 2019; Wisconsin USA Powerlifting Updates August 18, 2019 ’19 WI State Championship Reg Link November 2, 2018; 2019 USA Powerlifting Wisconsin State Open! October 23, 2018; 2018 Western Wisconsin Open. "Our team competed under full AAU powerlifting rules and guidelines in the bench press and deadlift competitions," said Pittman. 2022 USA Powerlifting Absolute Recomp Rookie Meet. NV Great events to set AAU World records AAU Worlds Oct 2-4 AAU North Americans Dec 4-6 Both at the incredible Harrah's Resort Hotel Casino See More. 2022 USA Powerlifting Iron Sight Classic. The 1970's were a fantastic decade in powerlifting history that saw many all-time lifting barriers fall and/or nearly fall. Storch was competing in only his fourth . The 2015 AAU Boys Basketball 16U/10th and 17U/11th Grade National Championships and Super Showcases are in the books! This event was in Louisville, Kentucky for the second year in a row and it was a 07/29/2015. AAU Wrestling Hall of Fame Inductee Presented with Presidential Medal of Freedom. Oklahoma AAU Powerlifting. LAKE BUENA VISTA,, FL-The Houston 2012 AAU Junior Olympic Games saw some of the most competitive youth and teen powerlifting in recent memory, as multiple teams joined the battle and world and national records fell like rain. Larry Larsen - Co-founder of modern AAU Powerlifting; Gordon Santee. 2019/2020's top 62s have a way to. Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Description Meets 21 Records 0 Documents 0 2010 (1) World Series Of Powerlifting 19 apr 1980 Auburn 22 0 / 0 Pete Kravtsov 3 years, 6 months ago 1978 Men's Senior Nationals 26 - 28 aug 1978 Los Angeles. Evan Pittman is not new to the junior weightlifting circuit. *State records: Facebook/Oklahoma AAU Power lifting. 1956 Exceeds three world records and retains USA National AAU Weightlifting Championship. 198 462 Lee Wilcoxon WPC 08/06/16. The Boyd County Powerlifting team completed their season at the Orchard AAU meet on Saturday. 751 likes · 1 talking about this. ALL CARDS MUST BE BOUGHT ONLINE PRIOR TO. AAU Strength Sports Establishes AAU Powerlifting Hall of. Ranking the best male and female raw full power lifters in the state for 2021. Board; Constitution; Technical. After the Amateur Sports Act of 1978, the AAU has focused its efforts into providing sports programs for all participants of all ages beginning at the grass roots level. USA Powerlifting State High School Meet. PDF Youth age 5 years 66 Squat Full Power American 15. Court of Arbitration Decision - World Records 2020 Arnold Sports Festival April 30, 2022; Live Streaming: Teen, High School, Collegiate & Junior Nationals March 21, 2022; USA Powerlifting International Competitions - Australia February 24, 2022; Request To Host International USA Powerlifting Events December 21, 2021; Pro Series Podcast and Website December 1, 2021. Powerlifting Event Type: The AAU was founded in 1888 to establish standards and uniformity in amateur sports. Note: if a teenage or master lifter competes in the OPEN catagory - they can set OPEN records. 2/21-22/2015 Washington State Championships. State & National Records; 2021 Lifter Rankings (Final Update) 2020 Lifter Rankings (Final Update) (3 Champion Teams) vs Team AAU '04 * Head Coach of Team NASA (2 Champion Teams) vs Team AAU in '03 * NASA Coach of the Year 2003 * Has Promoted more than 2,100+ Individual Powerlifting Meets in 43+ years - World Record. No matter what your goal is Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, or just general fitness we have the tools you need. 2014 AAU World Powerlifting & International Bench, Deadlift and Push/Pull, • This event is sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U. 2016 WNPF World Powerlifting champion. NATIONAL RECORDS; Results; Membership. AAU: 56: 1: Andrzej Stanaszek: 292. If you have a non-athlete membership and are ready to start a club, click here. the heavyweight National Powerlifting "Tournament" champion the year prior and would set 15 unofficial "world" records during his short powerlifting career. 242 683 Fred Peterson USA AAU 1999 275 705 Hodges USA NASA 2008 308 650 Dan Norton USA USPA 09/22/18 SHW 600 Cyril Lewis USA UPA 02/25/17 Total Class Total Lifter Country Fed Year 123 960 Ernesto Millian USA APA 2008 132 1,091 Gary Bobrovitz Canada GPC 2014 148 1,137 Martii Kilpelainen Finland IPF 06/06/15 165 1,515 Tony Conyers USA RAW 10/12/18. 2015 WPF World Powerlifting champion. To date, he has competed in multiple powerlifting federations -- AAU, WABDL, USAPL, USPA, and WUAP – and has broken records at. To Submit Records: Email RIchard Wiseman - [email protected] The Real AAU Powerlifting, AAU Powerlifting, Powerlifting. Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, In 1958, the National Weightlifting Committee of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) decided to begin recognizing records for odd lifts. Or just about any high level sport, for that matter. 2016 USA Powerlifting Alaska Muscle Fall Raw Challenge, September 24, 2016, CMC Fitness Studio, Eagle River, Alaska. The now 76-year-old set 10 world records and carried home the Best Lifter Award at the 2019 event which was held in. Powerlifting Record Certificate Application. By 1964, the AAU had begun for-. The AAU worked closely with the Olympic movement to prepare athletes for the Olympic Games. (PDF) Shifting Gear: A Historical Analysis of the Use of Supportive. We will only process fully completed applications. The American All-Time Raw Records will be published in the Powerlifting Records section here at Powerlifting Watch. 2019 AAU World Powerlifting, Bench, Deadlift, Push/Pull and Strict Curl Championships WORLD RECORDS CAN BE SET Harrah's Hotel Casino Ballrooms and Rio Vista Amphitheater, Laughlin NV YOU MAY EITHER POWERLIFT, BENCH, DEADLIFT OR PUSHPULL, STRICT CURL OR ALL COMBINATIONS! • This event is sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U. Eight Hyak students return from AAU event in Nevada with unprecedented McPherson also set two world records, in squat and dead lift. 6108 Pine Slash Road Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116. USA Powerlifting National Office Phone: 260. For Multi-Sport Athletes: AAU Powerlifting is part of AAU strength sports. OHIO STATE POWERLIFTING RECORDS. State records may be set by a registered USA Powerlifting member at any sanctioned USA Powerlifting, NAPF, or IPF meet and judged. We will maintain the only set of state strength sport records for these disciplines. It is not intended to be complete, nor is it represented as such. Must be or have been an Arkansas lifter at time of competition. AAU Powerlifting World Championship invades ISAF. The APA (American Powerlifting Association) is among the top leading powerlifting federations in the USA. Evan Pittman – World’s Most Prolific Powerlifting Record. Contact Oklahoma AAU Powerlifting on Messenger. Information about current Wisconsin State Records can be found on our Current State Records page. Howard Huffman first lifted in the AAU from 1974 – 1978 while a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Nebraska AAU Records are kept for three age groups: 1) Teenage 10- 19 years old. The next decade then witnessed an expansion in the scope, style, and soul of powerlifting. Please click to help our Sponsor and Put in the name Susan Kozlowski. But I'm most interested in the records for the super heavyweights. Arianna Salmond broke the record in . Powerlifting is just one of the many competitive sports that the Amateur Athletic Union offers. Records: AAU American records can be set in the Caliofornia State Games. A retired teacher and former head of the American Indian program at Cornell University, Fougnier grew up on the Oneida Indian Nation's homelands located in Central New York. Dan Gable was named the nation's most outstanding wrestler by the AAU in 1970 and inducted into the AAU Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2016. Powerlift on the Plains - Brookings SD - Nov 21. NORTH CAROLINA STATE STRICT CURL RECORDS. 198 462 Lee Wilcoxon USA WPC 08/06/16. 2005 Josh Gonnering - teenage men 16-17/198 - 290. 2017 AAU Fall Powerlifting Challenge, October 21, 2017, Turnagain Crossfit 2017 AAU Bear Paw Powerlifting Challenge, July 16, 2017, Eagle River Town Square Park (First powerlifting meet in Eagle River Town Square Park/Bear Paw Festival/Outdoors in Eagle River) 2017 AAU Solstice Deadlift Challenge, June 17, 2017, Anchorage Town Square Park (First powerlifting meet in Anchorage…. Retired American Records (Old weight classes retired as of 12/31/2014) National Championship. Entrants will be eligible for AAU Feats of Strength American and World Records in every event. 5 SW Las Vegas NV 10/13/2013 X X Burlingame, Duane M 220 55-59 1-Hand Partial Deadlift 40. - The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) hit the three-quarter mark for the 53rd AAU Junior Olympic Games on July 31. Oneida Nation Homelands (PRWEB) October 11, 2019 Oneida Indian Nation member Ray Fougnier continued to literally and figuratively raise the bar on the world stage, turning in an astonishing performance at the 2019 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Powerlifting World Championships. In 1966, the first official British powerlifting competition was held, based largely on the AAU example (15). once again shattered records and expectations at the AAU Junior Olympics. 225 gold medals were awarded to AAU National Champions, and a whopping 113 meet records broken. At AAU Worlds in Las Vegas Friday. Powerlifting for a Purpose. Note: if a teenage or master lifter competes in the OPEN catagory – they can set OPEN records. 5: 2017-08-25: WRPF: 3: Eric Lilliebridge: 417. A Raw (unequipped) record may be set only if you registered as such for the competition. Cornhusker State Games - Lincoln - June 26. The WPA (World Powerlifting Alliance) is our International Arm. 5 SW Las Vegas NV 10/13/2013 X X. The Real AAU Membership Site The AAU was founded in 1888 to establish standards and uniformity in amateur sports. Multiple Monolifts, Flat Benches, Dead-Lift platforms, Bands, Chains, Bars, and so much more that every lifter dreams of. Sane Faatoe holds the BP record already, is out of lockdown and is psyched to jump the WR up very soon. 80 - 100 lifters participate in each of the many meets the Nebraska. 2006 Kacey Trammell - teenage women 13-15/123 - 85. Men's and Women's 70+ records exceeding those gained in the 60-69 age group will be included in the 60-69 category. ©2013-2022 100% Raw Powerlifting | Powered by WordPress with Easel | Subscribe: RSS. At the September event, Ray completed all nine lifts (three. The philosophy of "Sports for All, Forever," is shared by nearly 700,000. We recommend searching for your State or neighboring states to find the next competition close to you. 165 661 Austin Perkins USA 11/14/20 USAPL. [email protected] All lifters completed personal bests. You can be part of the legacy for only $45. location: Bourgeois Hall - 225 Cajundome Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70506. Alex Wilzbacher - 407-362-8846 [email protected] 5: 2003-03-22: BVDK: 2: Michael Booker #1: 250: 2002-03-09: AAU: 3: Precious McKenzie: 232. He has competed at the AAU North American, World and International Powerlifting Championships for five years, setting new records each time . AAU Powerlifting Hall of Fame - Inaugural Class of 2013. Athletic Union (AAU) decided to begin recognizing records for odd lifts. AAU: 125: 1: Dennis Cornelius: 410: 2017-12-02: USPA: 2: Zac Meyers: 403: 2020-12-12: USPA: 3: Matt Sohmer: 402. new world records at the 2017 AAU North American Powerlifting, Bench At 70, Fougnier decided to take up weight lifting — and he was . I understand and agree that both the collection process and the testing procedures will be performed by a third party (not AAU Powerlifting or the AAU), and in accordance with AAU Powerlifting policy, I agree that this Drug Testing Consent form will be in effect for one (1)year from the date of its signing. He has won the AAU Powerlifting World Championships five times in the 148 lb. The AAU primarily organizes powerlifting competitions but also offers bench, deadlift and push/pull meets. He set 5 AAU American and 5 AAU World records. AAU Feats of Strength rev 2/02/22 Name Divi-sion: Class Age Group Event: Result Unitsb: Std Wt Wt Used: Record Classification Location: Date AR: WR Superior Perfor-mance Standard NR: AAU FOS RECORDS, rev 2/02/22 Lynch, Jack M 198 OPEN 1-Hand Partial Deadlift 62. Class Lift Lifter Country Year Fed. - The 2021 AAU Primary National Championships concluded their event on Tuesday, July 13. Quintuple Bodyweight Squat Hall of Fame. In the squat, 900 would first succumb in 1972 compliments of either John Kuc or Jon Cole (depends on whose side you want to take) and we would have Joe-Joe White's close miss with 1,000 lbs in. Olympics - Des Moines - Aug 2-3. Cameron McKenzie has held on to a lucky 888kg Total record since 2016. 165 420 Tony Conyers USA RAWU 01/24/15. 4889 Contact Us: Click Here Address: 1120 Huffman Rd Ste 24 #223 Anchorage, AK 99515. Youth age 5 years 66 Squat Full Power American 15. Virginia Powerlifting Association, Inc. Once events are sanction through USA Powerlifting, they will be placed on this calendar. 2005 Tony Gray - novice men/198 - 345. 2017 AAU Junior Olympic Games champion. The AAU does not endorse nor recommend any specific club(s), coach(es), nor group(s) of athletes. 12/5/2015 Team Phoinix Holiday Classic. For future nominees, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee will solicit and evaluate applications containing a detailed resume, using a point system based on participation and records set in AAU-sanctioned competition. AAU Supports Bright Path Strong Petition to Amend Thorpe Records. 242 515 Tony Lotman IPA 11/15/14. Now, the wrestling legend is celebrated with the Presidential Me 12/14/2020. The AAU took control and as a result, the AAU finally staged its first national championship in 1965, with the bench press, squat, and deadlift selected as the championship powerlifts. malizing plans for powerlifting to . I have been running Wendler 5/3/1 for the 8 months leading up to this meet. Two years after setting his sights on the 100 world record goal, Evan achieved it in grand style — setting 11 WNPF world records at the 2016 WNPF World Powerlifting Championships in New Jersey, and winning both the 17-19 teen age group and the men's open raw category, as well as three individual deadlift categories. New Jersey State records are now maintained through the USA Powerlifting data base. Tim Henriques' book "All About Powerlifting" is available NOW, get your copy here. Oklahoma AAU Powerlifting, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 5: 1: Kristos Papanotis: 290: 2015-09-07: GPC-AUS: 2: David Raymond: 280: 2017-07-22: UPA: 3: Andrey Kim #1: 280: 2021-11-12: WPC: 75: 1: Vladimir Zhadenov: 324: 2021-04-03. 2020 USA Powerlifting Wisconsin state Championship September 15, 2019; Wisconsin USA Powerlifting Updates August 18, 2019 '19 WI State Championship Reg Link November 2, 2018;. Contact Us USPA National Office. Cornhusker State Games - Lincoln - July 18. 2005 Michael Mayhall - teenage men 16-17/148 - 255. We have stood the time test since 1986!. Last year, Ray set three world records at the 2016 AAU World Powerlifting Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he competed in a higher 198-pound weight class. AAU Powerlifting General Rules and Requirements. We look forward to having you as a member of the APA family! Up until the early 1990's, there were 4 major federations operating in the USA. AAU Powerlifting, AAU Weightlifting, AAU Bodybuilding and Fitness, AAU Strongman, AAU Feats of Strength, AAU MAS Wrestling. Alec Disterhaupt improved on his. 5 kg: 07/01/2001 Certificate: Add video-60: Marc Garcia: 205 kg: 01/17/2016 USA Powerlifting Winter Games of Texas: Certificate: Add video-67. and several other countries are in Las Vegas this weekend for the 2011 Amateur Athletic Union World Bench Press, Deadlift and Push/Pull Powerlifting Championships. AAU National Headquarters PO Box 22409 Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 Support: Phone: 407-934-7200 Fax: 407-934-7242 District: 1-800-AAU-4USA West Coast AAU Office:. Greg won the IBP North Carolina State. AAU Universe Powerlifting & Weightlifting - August 3 - Las Vegas, NV. Captaining the team are Kylie Morris and John Banzhof. 8 lbs) Squat Bench Deadlift Total Bench Only Deadlift Only Equipped Men 70-74 53. Although Jon Cole squatted 905 pounds and totaled 2370 pounds (later weighed out at 2364) a bit earlier in a AAU local meet in. I agree to receive marketing material from World Powerlifting. 165 420 Tony Conyers RAWU 01/24/15. Paul wins the gold medal at the 1956 Olympic games . AAU National Powerlifting records keeper 2000-2005, retired. See more of Oklahoma AAU Powerlifting on Facebook. USPA State Records (Non-Tested) The following is a list of USPA State affiliates and an entry point to the USPA State records. Reinhoudt set over forty powerlifting records throughout his career and held all four of the powerlifting . Cornhusker State Games – Lincoln – July 18. AAU Powerlifting National Chair 310-332-3505 Email:[email protected] she potentially achieved world records in her class with. Our meets may include power clean, deadlift for reps, strongman, and combine events. Affiliate Listing; 2022 WPC Affiliate Standing; 2021 WPC Affiliate Standing; 2020 WPC Affiliate Standings; 2019 WPC Affiliate Standings. POWERLIFTING: Camarre, Cronkhite set bench press records. During the 1970s and 80s, he set numerous powerlifting national and world records, won three International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world championships and numerous national championships. The Amateur Athletic Union is committed to improving the development, safety and welfare of athletes and participants involved in sport. Squat (Full Power) Class Rank Lifter Squat Date Fed; 52: 1: Andrzej Stanaszek: 290: 2002-05-09: EPF: 2: Michael Kuhns. Affiliate Listing; 2022 WPC Affiliate Standing; Records The Best in The World. The AAU Staff will verify the record prior to mailing your Record Certification. AAU FOS RECORDS, rev 2/02/22 Lynch, Jack M 198 OPEN 1-Hand Partial Deadlift 62. 5 SW Las Vegas NV 11/11/2016 X X Proto, Steven M 220 OPEN 1-Hand Partial Deadlift 60. Please contact [email protected] A national championship was tentatively scheduled for 1959, but never happened. Track & Field AAU Heads to France for the ISF Gymnasiade 2022 05/05/2022 The Amateur Athletic Union is heading to Normandy, France to represent the United States in the. To View Records: Female Equipped. 220 822 Joe Sullivan USA 09/26/20 WRPF. During its early years, the AAU served as a leader in international sport representing the U. 2022 USA Powerlifting Rvmpvge Reindeer Games. 6/27/2015 Seattle Summer Classic. AAU Orchard Powerlifting Results - April 13 - Orchard, NE AAU North American Indoor FOS Results - April 5-6 - Laughlin, NV AAU North American Powerlifting & Bodybuilding Results - April 5 - Laughlin, NV AAU Raw State Championship - February 16 - Seattle, WA AAU Universe Powerlifting, Weightlifting & Bodybuilding Championship - December 15-16 - Las Vegas, NV. AAU Powerlifting General Rules and Requirements. Questions for National/American Records please email [email protected] PDF 2014 AAU World Powerlifting & International Bench. AAU Indoor Feats of Strength Nationals - October 20 - Buena Vista, NJ. A Grant County gym owner set two state powerlifting records on Aug. During the 1970's the records were improving because the sport was taking off!. AAU World Powerlifting Champion Masters Division. Three amazing AAU International events in 2022 in or near Las Vegas. Lifters can set a NJ state record if your USA Powerlifting membership . Wgt Class Record SL / PP / FP USA / World Kgs. During its early years, the AAU served as a leader in international sport . We aim to grow the sport of powerlifting in our regions by offering lifters a place to showcase their strength under fair standards and affordable prices! For more information about the WRPF, please contact us. 66397 Youth age 5 years 66 Squat Full Power World 15. Basketball (Boys 10u) AAU Basketball. Wilks Formula; I agree to receive marketing material from World. Orchard Powerlifting Meet – Orchard – April 17. AAU Powerlifting will be hiosting a number of major Powerlifting events this year, mant in conjunction with AAU Weightlifting and AAU Feats of Strength. 5: 1980-11-07: IPF: 60: 1: Jeremy Smith #1: 288: 2021-09-18: SPF: 2: Aleksey Nikulin #1: 270: 2021-06-19: RPU: 3: Brandon Smitley: 257. The AAU encourages RAW (Belt Only) lifting and Nebraska AAU is maintaining Raw and Equipped records. Amateur Athletic Union Powerlifting (AAU). This past April 2016 Ray Fougnier set 4 world records (deadlift, squat, bench press, and overall score) for his age division at the North American Championships of the Amateur Athletic Union in Laughlin, Nevada and has qualified to compete again in the AAU World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas (September 2016). Indoor Volleyball AAU CLUB NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: BROKEN RECORDS 07/09/2013 Written by: Julianne Sautner 2013 AAU Club Championship Records Broken (total records) (30) Day 1 (Monday)(1) - 1 girls. 5Kg; Dead Lift: 380Kg; Squat: 275 Kg. 2016 Soldotna High Fall Classic, November 12, 2016. 2006 Cory Williams - teenage men 16-17/165 - 220. 2 months out from the meet, I decided to run a back to back Smolov Jr. The AAU was founded in 1888 to establish standards and uniformity in amateur sports. 132 551 Mike Booker USA 2002 AAU. Arkansas Powerlifting BEST LIFTER 2021 Ranking the best male and female raw full power lifters in the state for 2021. Check them out under the "Records" tab. He competed in powerlifting just prior to the formation of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). 275 850 Greg Lowe USA 2001 ADAU. State Records as of 01-01-2015 with New Weight Classes Raw Men 70-74 53. She is also ranked in the USAPL Top 25 Women Powerlifters. 5: Sam Bassan: 220 kg: 05/20/2016 USA Powerlifting Open Nationals: Certificate: Add video-75: Trey Sheppard: 227. Greg is a 2 time AAU North Carolina State Powerlifting Champion and in 2005 won the AAU North Carolina Bench Press Championship. 10/24/2015 Columbia City Classic. POWERLIFTING & STRENGTH SPORTS HALL OF FAME. Download this application and fill out. weight class (2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2015). USA Powerlifting Record FAQ American Records Retired American Records (Old weight classes retired as of 12/31/2014). Union (AAU) of the United States, were held in York, Pennsylvania. At age 76, the On August 2019 08/28/2019. So far Powerlifting, Pickleball, Jump Rope and the All Sports Combine have completed their competition. Lifters 19 years old and under may also enter in the AAU Junior Olympic Games. New York lifters setting records for New York included Jim Storch with an amazing 550-pound deadlift. The women's equipped bench press record belongs to Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller from. Ray Fougnier set 10 world records for his age group, 75-79, at the 2019 AAU Powerlifting World Championships in Laughlin, Nevada. broke three weightlifting world records in the Amateur Athletic Union, AAU, Junior Olympics powerlifting competition held in Houston,. Devin Dimmitt sets a world, national and state record at the AAU Powerlifting World International Championships in Las Vegas this month. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. AAU FOS RECORDS, rev 2/02/22. National Leadership Join AAU Conflict of Interest Internship Program Event Director Lookup Director License Approval District Reporting Login. 2017 EPF National Powerlifting champion. 181 440 Mike Hara USAPL 07/25/11. when: Saturday - April 30, 2022. Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the Cornhusker State Games office at 402-471-2544 or [email protected] American and State Records, Rulebook, and more! Instagram Stream. 132 264 Sasaki Toshinori Japan IPF 06/16/17. Totals from sanctioned meets only, anywhere in the world and any fed. Olympics – Des Moines – Aug 2-3. 132 551 Mike Booker v 2002 AAU 148 575 Rick Crain 1977 AAU* 165 644 George Crawford 1974 AAU* 181 710 Jack Barnes 1972 AAU* 198 735 Jack Barnes 1972 AAU* No one sets world records in powerlifting, weightlifting, or strongman without using drugs. Both equipped and raw divisions are featured. Amateur Athletic Union, Bright Path Strong, and the Thorpe Family seek to restore Jim Thorpe's Olympic legacy. Youth American Records (Boys). 181 760 Aleksey Nikulin Russia 06/24/18 IPL/RPU. Raw Powerlifting Records; Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: Raw NASA and AAU. division: Raw/Equipped athletes grades 6-12. Orchard Powerlifting Meet – Orchard – April 4. This is for the top lifters by formula. Membership; Membership Overview; Bulk Verify; Powerlifting. One AAU Membership covers all sports. 308 540 Michael DeLaval APF 08/12/12. Walker also won championships in both AAU and WDFPF competitions, Rebman went on to set teen world records in the bench press and the . $30 weekday room rates, $65/night weekends. Nevada Police & Fire Games - August 3 -. 181 650 Bob Mckee USA 1973 AAU*. It is my goal to have powerlifting recognized by the Alaska Student Activities Association as a high school sport. Morris, a 132lbs 16 year old junior currently holds the AAU American and World Squat (243lbs) and Deadlift (352lbs) Records. World - WPC; World - AWPC; European - WPC/AWPC; National - APF; National - AAPF; State - APF/AAPF; Special Olympic; WPO; Raw Full Power Bench Only. Jerk, Diego Yoo, 3 Kings Weightlifting, 59kg, 6/26/21, Detroit, MI. own odd-lift meets, often as an afterthought at. 242 515 Tony Lotman USA IPA 11/15/14. AAU memberships are only $14 for youth 19 and under, $24 for adults, $16 for adult non athlete. All Squats (with & without wraps. World Womens Powerlifting Records. Age Division Wgt Class Record SL / PP / FP USA / World Kgs Lbs Lifter Lifter's Country Youth 8 to 9 66 Bench Press Full Power World 42. Orchard Powerlifting Meet - Orchard - April 4. To be considered for ranking, a minimum Dots score of 450 for men and 360 for women. For Android OS users experienceing problems accessing the Google Docs (records) links, it is recommended that you open the link using "Browser" or "Internet" when prompted to.